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So, 2021 is finally here. And the Beesotted crew got together to review the ups and downs of the year that we’ll never forget – 2020.

Pandemic. Behind closed doors football. Home schooling. Incredible goals. Not saying goodbye to your home stadium. The snow in Luton. Martin Allen. VAR. The vaccine. That playoff final. Kalvin Phillips. Akenfenwa. Games at New Griffin Park at Lionel Road

Billy The Bee Grant and Dave Laney Lane host this episode in which asked Bees fans what was their best Brentford moments of 2020, their worst Brentford moment of 2020, their best Brentford goal of 2020, best Brentford player of 2020, ‘must do better’ Brentford player of 2020, Championship player of 2020, favourite non-Brentford moment of 2020 and hopes for 2021.

Featuring: Matt The Allard, Ali Mullalley, Will The Spreadsheet Winker, Damo The Flah man, The Amazing Gem, Liberal Nick, Dr Katie Bee, Liberal Tom, Greville The Waterman, Robin Hood, Savvy Bee, Cham, The Westbrook, Condorman, Jason and Club Shop Ann