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Apologies to anyone queuing at Griffin Park yesterday when Beesotted were effectively buying out the newly added third singing section of block 133 at Wembley – we’d have been quicker at the window but had to make several transactions due to the seemingly arbitrary limit of nine tickets per season ticket holder. Respect to the ticket office staff who were fantastically patient as well as the the fans who were queuing up behind us for tickets.

Beesotted had campaigned for more singing sections at Wembley after Brentford announced that we had just two singing sections… Compared to Yeovil’s six. The club eventually listened, a little bit, but by then we’d already taken matters into our own hands anyway by coordinating the purchase of 150-plus tickets within 24hrs for fans we know will want to support the team vocally.

Some club officials very strangely described our view on singing sections as “myopic”, asking us to focus on more important fan matters – as if keeping your paying customers happy is not an important matter. Interestingly, on several occasions while we were trying to purchase our tickets we not only heard fans asking for singing section tickets but we also heard supporters asking for tickets in family sections or quieter areas of the stadium AWAY from the singing section.

Our experience of Wembley, and at the Millenium Stadium, has been of dissipated noise created by large pockets of people who come less regularly (if never at all) to Brentford games. Whilst we welcome their support, the breaking up of the more vocal element all around the stadium can have a negative effect. Uwe Rosler has commented several times recently of the difference a noisy crowd can make to the team’s performance… the ’12th man factor’ if you like. Singing sections allow more boisterous fans to create large pockets of passionate support whilst at the same time, also allowing others the more mellow experience that they might savour. A win-win situation, surely?

On a bit of a whim we also christened block 133 the “nude singing section” – for fans who really want to ‘bare all’ in support of their team. The idea caused quite a splash on Twitter last night with several supporters wanting to join in the fun, suggesting songs like:

“Start swinging the nudes” (@deathbyerror)
“Too big for this league” (@youregetusetoit)
“is that all you tuck away” (@malcolmward3)
“we’re the out of shape army” (@Russtybee) and
“stand up if you love Brentford” (@Oldmead)

There were also discussions around exactly where supporters should keep their big pointy foam finger memorabilia and a lot of jokes about hooters. Rumours that sales of razors and self-tan exploded at Morrisons in Brentford following our announcement are yet to be confirmed although the Kew Garden centre reported a massive run on “quick grow fertilizer” yesterday evening – Bees Mirkins are also due to arrive in the Bees Superstore ahead of the big day at Wembley.

So, if you want to join in the ‘naked’ frivolities, try and buy seats in or around section 133 near the front. If you are prepared to vocally support your team and, heaven forbid, have fun along the way, you are more than welcome – clothed or otherwise… Beesotted… where like minds react… Que sera, sera. Whatever will be will be. We’ll be naked at Wemberley. Que sera, sera.

And now onto more important supporter issues ……