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Something happened this Valentines Day morning that put a massive smile on my face…. No not one of those you smutty Bees…. That can wait ’til later!

All Brentford supporting parents have a duty to instil the BFC ethos into their offsprings’ lives, or at least attempt the feat, and when my lad was born 14 years ago, I was in no doubt about what my parental responsibilities involved.

His first game arrived at the ripe old age of three months, a victory against Port Vale if I recall (I know he won’t) and, with a winning away debut at Dorchester for the Bournemouth-Bees fixture, followed by a memorable win at Reading, there were no obvious signs of a jinx, and he clearly was ‘into’ football from the start. Phew! So far so good.

And despite the assorted Wembley fiascos, a spell in the basement division and occasional ridicule from Chelsea-supporting school mates, this support seems unwavering now. But something happened last night that made me look at my partner and say; “Hmmm, this’ll be a test… just tell him the facts and let him make up his own mind, no pressure okay?”

The parents of one of his pals texted us to ask if he would like to go to the Emirates and watch Arsenal on March 8th… what would his reaction be I wondered?

So, this morning, before he scarpered out of the house to catch the bus to school we had a showdown talk in the hall outside the bathroom…. I explained the text message, and, as promised just gave him the facts…. His first question: “Is it a Saturday or Sunday?” …. “It’s a Saturday…” This was followed up with “And who have Brentford got?”…. “Bradford at home….” And within less than a millisecond I had my smile…. “Just tell him Bees are at home Dad….” And with that he was down the stairs and out the house.

Happy Valentines Day!

Dave Lane