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Beesotted’s Jim Levack reflects on the news that Brentford legend, Sergi Canos, has waved an emotional goodbye and his Bees adventures look to have come to an end. Although the deadline day deal with Greek giants, Olympiacos FC, is officially a loan deal until the end of the season, the player’s social media quotes suggest more of a permanent departure. 

It’s refreshing that the cloud that hung over a single slightly ill-informed tweet has lifted… to pour a ray of sunshine on the Brentford career of Sergi Canos.

The Spaniard’s frustrations at not being played in his preferred position boiled over on social media, sparking a flurry of criticism from more volatile Bees fans.

Now the deal’s been done and he’s been unveiled as Olympiakos’ deadline day loan signing, it feels like the end of a chapter – for player and club.

The image of him standing solemn and alone in arrivals at Athens airport must not be the last farewell, and I’m sure the club will allow fans to say their proper goodbyes at some stage.

Why? Because whether you recognise the precocious talent that lit up games against Reading, Arsenal – and that angled Wembley through ball – or not, he has been pivotal in our transition.

Time to come clean. Back in the behind closed doors days I had doubts about Sergi and aired them to one or two people on the eerily silent press benches.

Was he good enough, could he do it at right back, would he be better cut loose further forward? He thrilled and annoyed me in equal measure. Perhaps that’s what has prompted his lack of game time and departure.

My heart told me he’d be a decent Premier League squad player, but increasingly he’s been an impact player capable of bringing instant energy with a heart on sleeve desire and tempo.

His tweet was born of frustration because he loved – no loves – the club and wanted to play a part in its ongoing success. He was aching to be out on the grass.

The harsh reality is that the club feel he’s not quite there at the moment in this time of progression. And who are we, or Sergi for that matter, to argue with their judgement?

Maybe his tweet was presumptuous, ill-advised, even foolish once it was fed like groundbait into the anything-goes anonymity of the twitter cesspool.

But let’s be sure about one thing that I hope even the laptop warriors can agree with. That there’ve been very few players to wear the red and white shirt of our club who have been quite as passionate as Sergi.

We’ve seen ones who couldn’t give a monkeys, who’d never risk it in a 50-50, one even signing from Arsenal only to slink into the shadows. What you saw with Sergi was what you got – he was the closest in terms of passion to us fans.

He came to Brentford with a point to prove and he proved it, silencing me and many others with flashes of brilliance and a desperate desire to succeed.

That it was only in flashes may have been an issue in the cold light of day, but there can be no argument that he will stand proudly in the pantheon of players who have played a critical role in our evolution.

That goal at Reading and the first ever Premier League strike against Arsenal were reminders of a prodigious and inarguable talent we’d love to have seen more often. The flip side of that passion, a silly red card against Leeds.

But Sergi will always be remembered as a pivotal figure who played a crucial part in our journey from Championship to top flight.

I know too that 99% of Brentford fans will remember him for his total effort and passion… the same qualities his online critics were quick to slate him for.

Bottom line is that we’ll be sad to see him go, but he’ll always be welcome to join us in the West Stand. And you know he’d absolutely love it.

Gracias por todo Sergi.

Jim Levack