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Beesotted contributor Tebissimo urges Brentford supporters to pack out the stands over the next five games – after all, you deserve it.

Boys and girls, this is it. All of the pain, was for this. The character building, the bucket shaking, the terrible, terrible pain was to make this moment all the sweeter.

Take a deep breath. Close your eyes (metaphorically, but please continue reading…). Let your mind wander to the journey that lead us here. I’ll be highlighting my lack of tenure here, but think of Noades, Terry and Leroy. Think of Crewe. Think of the badge kissing judas. Think of Reading and Cureton. Bloody Cureton. Think of Reading stealing all our players. Think of Stoke and Delilah. Think of watching Luton lift the title after beating us. Even Hereford celebrated promotion at Griffin Park. Think of Donc…well, let’s park that one till we’re up, eh?

It’s time to enjoy the rewards of all that pain. Don’t have any regrets now. You want and deserve to be a part of this. Every single game has the potential to be the biggest party you’ve ever known. Beg/Steal/CashConvert for the £100 plus travel to make all of these games if you can. It could be a long time, realistically, before we are a part of anything like this again; not because we won’t compete in the Championship (I watched Reading v Huddersfield the other week, trust me – we’ll do some damage) , but because we will look back on these four weeks with the same regard as any of our best achievements to date.

Fed up of your dad talking about Liverpool away and Ricky Cadette? You TOO can be that man when GP is long gone – teary eyed, saying I was there when we were 2-0 down to Swindon and Stuart Dallas came of age with a hat-trick. I was there against Preston where we stumbled and looked nervy  – but the crowd sang loud and the Gentry threw their hats on to the pitch in disgust when Tony Craig scored the winner from 40 yards. I was there when we nicked the title, on the last day of the season…with a last minute Kevin O’Connor penalty…

So, let go. Let go of all that pain. Soak up some of the best Bees memories so that when GP is long gone and we go on to bigger and better things you can say you were there when it happened. You can bore your relatives. Your colleagues. And random strangers in the pub.

Let’s bid a personal farewell to Swindon, Colchester and Franchise McDons. Let’s soak up the last hurrah of GP. Let’s cheer our team on to Fulham, QPR, Reading, Watford and  Birmingham next season.

Have No Regrets! You all deserve this! Let’s Bee there!