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The year is almost over. And what a year it was too. The Beesotted crew of  Billy The Bee Grant (, Dave Laney Lane (), Martin The Dutchman Holland (), Jimmy Mac (@JimmyMack84), Gary GP Paul (@GaryPaul73) and Tony The Francis Man Francis hooked up in The Globe pub to reminisce on a year which had its ups and downs. But overall, was a very good year for Brentford

During the course of the festive evening, things they discussed included:

What were the Most and the Least Enjoyable Lockdown Matches of the year with and without fans

The most interesting place to listen to the podcast

The biggest surprise of the year

The best and worst moments of the year

The Best Player of the year and the Best Goal of the year

Which player did the best Sh!thousing of the year

Who was the Biggest Cock of the year

What was Funniest Moment of the year

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