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FanStand from the pub

Live Brentford v Wolves fan debate

Where: YouTube channel Beesotted1992

Time: Midday

Date: Saturday 22nd February

Always trying to keep one step ahead of the game, Beesotted keep looking at different ways we can keep in touch with fans while still keeping it ” real football”.

With our fan videos showing immense popularity, we though “How next can we get fans elsewhere get the real Brentford matchday vibe? We know …. let’s take them to where it really happens before every match …. To the pub”.

So off the back of our regular , Beesotted bring you FanStand from the pub. Live and direct from a pub in Brentford

Broadcast starts at midday on Saturday 22nd February the morning of the a Wolves game for around 30 minutes … on the Beesotted YouTube channel

Featuring a panel of Brentford and Wolves fans discussing everything to do with the match plus more …

The panel will feature Robert from London Wolves (@wwlsc) and Wolves fan Russell Cockburn (@dwarfio) with (@billythebee99) and Dave Lane (@beesotted100) from Beesotted fanzine (@beesotted) representing Brentford.

Chair of the debate will be a Billy Reeves (@theBillyReeves) from BBC London

Beesotted did their first live YouTube broadcast from the Lionel Road stadium planning meeting to much success just before Christmas. Taking it to the pub brings us to unknown territory for sure. It could be an unmitigated success or a complete catastrophe. But one way or another it will be a laugh … So we thought let’s give it a go.

Folk can tweet questions in via @beesotted and we will attempt to put them to the panel. There will also be a live comments feed on YouTube.

And if you haven’t seen this week’s edition of FanStand where @hackneywolves discusses all things Wolves .

So get yourselves tuned into the Beesotted YouTube channel after soccer AM and before football focus. If you follow @beesotted we will no doubt tweet a direct link prior to broadcast.