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Contrary to popular belief, Beesotted videos didn’t just pop up this year. We’ve been running match day videos way way before the iPhone was even thought of – capturing the vibe of bad hair dos and funky fashion on film for all to see. Cambridge

We’ve been having a wee bit of fun on the Beesotted facebook page. We put up Lee Doyle’s photograph from the final whistle of the Anglo Italian Cup game in Ascoli in November 1992 – the 600 Brentford fans who travelled applauding the team after a 3-1 victory. We asked you to spot anyone yourself or anyone you know. Lots of old faces have spotted themselves and their mates.

We’ve now gone one better. Showing a short clip of our video from the day in Ascoli. With the players getting off the bus and walking into the stadium. If anyone doesn’t quite remember (or wasn’t born) how we got to the European stages of the Anglo Italian Cup. It was a fantastic last minute goal from Kevin Godfrey at the County Ground Swindon that sealed many a Bee’s Italian autumn holiday.

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