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Beesotted will be fully supporting football’s anti racism/anti discrimination #socialmediaboycott in response to sustained discriminatory abuse received online by players, fans and others connected to football

In a clip on this week’s podcast (below) Billy Grant explained WHY he is disappointed with certain people’s reaction to the protests around the ongoing racism and prejudice in and around football. And the country in general.

The long and the short of it – there are a lot of idiots on social media. Racist, sexist, xenophobes. And the rest. 

Some of them are so thick, they have no idea that they are being racist (believe it or not). Some do though. 

However, social media companies and the authorities have not been swift enough to tackle this and they need to do better. 

And let’s be honest, the football clubs have been pretty crap themselves – looking out for what is best for them before actually putting the needs of their players, fanbases and communities first. 

Saying that, positive change is on the way.

But social media is way, way WAY behind the curve.

With too many racists, bigots and xenophobes getting a free pass – all under the guise of ‘free speech’

So enough is enough

Beesotted will be refraining from posting on social media from 3pm on Friday 30th April until 11.59pm on Monday 3 May. 

We will still be posting our post Watford podcast up on http://PrideOfWest.London   and articles will still be going up on https://beesotted.com 

You can find out pre match Watford podcast below .. so tuck in


We’re just steering clear of facebook, twitter and instagram for the Bank Holiday Weekend. And no doubt will feel a lot cleaner for it too.

We hope you understand and will support us on this.

We’ll be back next week. Refreshed. Looking forward to the playoffs.

You Bees 🐝🐝