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Looking back to previous games against Doncaster does little to produce much in the way of highlights, drama or excitement. There have been few memorable encounters. But, at this stage, it’s seems more apt to recall those final home games in a campaign where so much has rested on the outcome.

The sheer passion – both on the pitch and on the terraces – of the clash with Fulham on 26th April 1992 will live forever in the memory and the euphoria of a four-goal half-time lead in one of the biggest games for many years may forever be unsurpassed.

Twelve months later, another momentous final home game brought Barnsley from South Yorkshire to Griffin Park for a ‘must-win’ game. The afternoon ended with a 3-1 victory after goals from Gary Blissett (2) and Joe Allon, but also produced one of the most impassioned and spine-tingling of pleas from the Club.

Every supporter entering the ground was issued with a leaflet setting out their duty for the 90 minutes ahead … Brentford 3, Barnsley 1




Today could decide whether we stay in Division One

Nobody wants another 38 years in the league’s backwaters so let’s get behind our lads for the whole 90 minutes

Thousands of us who have watched the Bees away from home know the value of non-stop vocal support

We need a repeat today, regardless of our fortune on the pitch

We all love Brentford FC – let’s lift the lads to play out of their skins

Remember Manchester City in the Cup and the incredible support at Blackburn and Liverpool or at Peterborough

Your support does make a difference.

We can still play a part in keeping our dream alive

So let’s raise the roof today


“Your support is everything. We play to the crowd so if you lift us we play with confidence. The lads can’t praise you highly enough for your backing this season. Let’s give it everything today” Terry Evans

“Support means everything. There is no better feeling in the world than to know you are going into a game with thousands of people behind you. It gives you such a lift. You do not fear making mistakes. It makes you a yard quicker and six inches taller. Let’s be giants today” Phil Holder

We won’t mention Reading!