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Beesotted crew get together in a pub in Waterloo after a week’s break for a lively discussion on the international weekend and England qualifying for the Euros, the Derby match … discussing the mood in the Brentford camp … the Ankersen’s apology and Matt Benham’s chat at the Traders Conference … QPR development match .. .ex chairman Martin Lange RIP .. plus we look forward (sort of) to the Rotherham match and speak to @AxholmeMiller – Chris Saxon – about sacking of Steve Evans and all things Rotherham.

In the pub:
Billy Grant, Matt Allard, Dave Lane, Nick Allard

0m – Intro and international Euro 2016 qualifier chat
15m 36s – recap to fans chatting the pub after Derby match
17m 26 sec – Whats the mood in the Brentford camp?
30m 30 sec – Discuss Magnus Ankersen interview & Matt Benham traders conference interview. Does the strategy Brentford are using need some tweaking?
41m 58 sec – Discuss U21 victory against QPR. Tribute to Martin Lange
48m 30 sec – Chat with Rotherham fan Chris Saxon – @AxholmeMiller
58m 56 secs – Beesotted crew discuss Rotherham and Wolves matches
1hr 07m 28 sec – END