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Brentford fans have been warned to expect extra security checks before entering the stadium at tomorrow’s match with Nottingham Forest, as the stark realities of last week’s Paris attacks hit home.

Visions of a terrorist attack at Griffin Park would usually be the work of fiction, but the outrageous scenes in the French capital, where normal people were murdered for simply going out and enjoying themselves on a Friday night, suggest that it is wise to be extra cautious right now.

The club have taken these unprecedented steps and implemented an upgraded security policy to ensure the safety of the supporters, however, it is unlikely this can be actioned without causing delays, so fans have been asked to get to Griffin Park 30 minutes before kick off.

The club statement says: “All attendees will be scanned with metal detectors and subject to pat down searches on entry to the ground. There will also be a thorough search of all bags and fans are asked to avoid bringing bags in to the stadium if possible.”

“It is expected that it may take up to 15 minutes longer than usual to enter Griffin Park on Saturday – and at all matches until further notice – so fans are advised to pass through the turnstiles as early as possible. The security searches will also extend to staff and media attending the match and everyone coming to Brentford on Saturday should leave extra time.”

Having attended the match between England and France on Tuesday evening, and witnessing the heightened security first hand, most fans felt reassured by the extra measures. Desperate times certainly do call for desperate measures.

Dave Lane