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I spent half time during the Colchester debacle complaining to my good friend and the editor of this site that the Brentford performance simply wasn’t good enough.

He told me to stop being a miserable git and to join the party… “we’ve gone up and it doesn’t matter. Just enjoy it”.

Well I’m sorry to be the prophet of doom in what has been a fantastic season, but the last 115 minutes of football have temporarily taken the lustre off things for me.

True, there’s been a right old knees up on the terraces and yes, we will be in the Championship next season.

But the end of the MK game and the 90 minutes at Colchester’s soulless new home were an embarrassment and insult to the 5,500 supporters who paid good money to watch it.

Unprofessional isn’t a word I’d ever use lightly but it came close to applying to many of the players who pulled on the shirts at United, a side that a normal Bees display this season would have beaten at a canter.

I did, I’m afraid to say, take most of my anger out on my two lads and write this after returning home from a five hour, 330 miles and £110 trip to watch the non-event.

We singled out three players who could have any pride in their performance against a Colchester side who simply wanted it more.

And my rage was eased slightly when I Iistened in to Mark Warburton’s spot-on analysis and picked out the same trio on Bees Player.

My lads felt I was being harsh, just as Mr Lane did, but try telling that to the fans of teams fighting for their lives near the foot of the table who will have been looking to Brentford to do the right thing.

Football does have a strange way of coming round to bite you on the backside. Who knows when we might need one of those teams we let down by Saturday’s no show to do us a favour?

The twittersphere is alive with rows about this game, with some saying it was “irrelevant” and others agreeing with me.

But I have never set foot on a football pitch not wanting to win, and I’m afraid to say some out there on Saturday looked like they were already slapping on the Ambre Solare.

I’ve got no problem losing 4-1 to Colchester, but I do have a big issue with wasting a whole day to watch a team that didn’t compete.

Don’t get me wrong, every one of the players in the squad have been magnificent this season and played their way to deserved promotion with some of the best football I’ve seen in 40 years at Griffin Park.

But take a look at Leicester and Wolves, who – on achieving the goal – have ploughed on ruthlessly picking up points while Brentford have stumbled to the end.

We saw another side to Mark Warburton in his post match interview and while his comment that players who weren’t angry after the 4-1 won’t be in the dressing room next season might appear a tad harsh, it’s exactly the kind of clinical standard you need to have any chance of competing in the Championship.

I’m prepared, now I’ve got it off my chest, to put it down as a blip – the players are only human after all – and I’m sure there will be a response against Stevenage.

But if there is a mental fragility in there, it needs to be long gone come next August.

Jim Levack