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Brentford fans have become all too accustomed to saltyness from sneering journalists, or ‘big club’ fans with once upon a time status, for doing things differently – in fact many now thrive on the ‘Bus Stop In Hounslow’ ‘#TeamsLikeBrentford’ insults as our modest but confident rise looks set to continue against all the odds. And we’ll continue to laugh it all off.

Usually, almost all of the attempted belittlement has been regarding how we’ve scaled the divisions with ‘non league’ attendances, playing in a ‘tin pot’ stadium, or by using ‘mumbo jumbo’ statistics, and not by simply selling out to a dubious, overseas owner then chucking a bank load of cash at over priced transfers all pimped through one agent. Until now that is… now we are the brunt of snide comments and a gazillion reports about Christian Eriksen being too good for the Bees’ pub team.

Christian Eriksen’s signing back in January was the feel good transfer window story of the decade… we’ve said many times on the Beesotted podcast that for the Dane to have recovered from his near death Euros nightmare and play football again at any level would have been stunning, but for Eriksen to have taken like a duck to water back in the Premier League, and on the International stage once more, is truly remarkable. We are all so proud to be part of his resurrection.

It is true that Eriksen has transformed the tail end of the season in TW8 – but he is not the only reason we have won five of our last six matches – even though his arrival, and the stature of the player, has clearly been the catalyst for other players raising their own games.  Equally, the return of all the players who had made the start to the campaign so successful has been a big factor to the great run of performances that has some now predicting a top-half finish rather than a last day squeaky bum fixture with Leeds that could decide our survival.

The visit of Tottenham Hotspur this Saturday will have all the click bait hounds and press hacks salivating at the easily harvested viewing numbers of what will basically be one regurgitated story – “Eriksen Linked To Tottenham Return”… “White Hart Lane Recall From Born Again Dane”… “Too Good For Brentford Somebody Save Christian”… Write your own, then swap out the names Newcastle United, West Ham United.. and there will probably even be a Fulham link at some stage soon now they’re back in the Prem… we’ve become used to them already… we won’t be surprised. 

But, in my view at least (and I must admit I have convinced myself CE21 will be staying with us), the real debate is, after going through all he has in the past 12 months, would he really want to risk going elsewhere in the close season ahead of the World Cup he set his dreams on appearing in? The first name on the team sheet, with fellow Danes all around him, living in South West London, one of the most desirable areas of the country, learning about the Brentford way and the possibility of moving into the coaching or business side of football if he chose to retire – I think that trumps the big name clubs who think they can click their fingers and he will come-a-running.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being naive, big money talks, so there’s still every chance Eriksen may move on to pastures new this summer regardless of how much fun (expected or otherwise) he is having playing in Thomas Frank’s exciting team – but it’s way off being a gimme we will lose our man – and I said from day one, there’s a very big chance he will fall in love with little old Brentford. With all the talk about his well being focusing on the medical condition of his heart, maybe the emotionally rewarding and uplifting heart-warming effects of our club have been overlooked. He’s got everything he and his family truly needs right where he is.

As I’ve said, I’m happy to admit that I’ve convinced myself that Christian Eriksen will remain a Brentford player for next season….. then get his coaching licence…. then take over from Thomas Frank when he is eventually tempted away to take over the Danish national side… as you can see I really have committed to this!

If all (or indeed any) of that happens, remember you read it here first!

Dave Lane 

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