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Just when Brentford fans thought talk of the Chelsea game was behind them, under fire Chelsea boss Raffa Benitez has mysteriously reignited the argument over David Luiz’s cynical foul on Jake Reeves by suggesting the dangerous barge was ‘bad luck’ and ‘a factor was the size of the other player’. Is he potty? Have a look at the video clip above and make your own mind up! As Andy Townsend says, “David Luiz knows exactly what he’s doing…”

We have become used to some managers defending the undefendable, or turning a blind eye and claiming ‘not to have fully seen the incident’, but if the unpopular Spanish manager won’t condemn that kind of behaviour he is as unsporting as Luiz himself.

Benitez is right to say that during the course of a season he sees “hundreds of tackles in the league that are more dangerous than that one…” but they are usually punished by a red card, or their manager is at least professional enough to acknowledge a wrongdoing by their own player.

Fortunately Jake Reeves recovered after collapsing, the young midfielder recounting, “I remember passing the ball off and I got a shoulder straight in the face. My head was all over the place and I started wobbling around like a boxer who had just been knocked out…”

Arsenal legend, Ian Wright, was certainly more accurate when he called Luiz a ‘coward’, I’m sure Brentford fans would now like to know what Wright thinks of Benitez’s most recent comments – perhaps we can ask him if he comes to watch his son, Bradley Wright-Phillips, make his Bees debut against Walsall on Saturday?