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Charlton and the Met Police have issued the following information for Brentford fans visiting The Valley this weekend for the big 6 pointer.

As Bees fans have always found Charlton stewarding un-necessarily heavy-handed – I will always remember them needlessly wrestling and then ejecting that poor kid for the crime of choosing to wear a cheese hat to our 2006 FA cup match with the Addicts after he had a marvellous day out getting to the match by river – it’s somewhat encouraging that Charlton seem to be taking a slightly more pragmatic approach to dealing with fans … hopefully.

“Charlton are taking a friendly approach towards fans, they have no concerns with Brentford fans but will deal with any unacceptable behaviour.

To stop situations escalating please let the stewards deal with incidents and speak to them after if you feel there is anything unjust.

Due to the amount of Pyrotechnics set off last season by Brentford fans at various games, there will be a search before entering the ground.  Please be patient whilst this process takes place. It is a condition of entry at every ground.

The bar will close 10 minutes after half time.

There will ticket sales on the day from the South stand ticket office”

The original 1996 cheese boat to Charlton was a rather random affair:

The designated away pub is The Antigallican on the Wooolwich Road .. just down from the stadium. It’s not the best of away pubs it has to be said. The Rose of Denmark further down the Woolwich Rd is better as far as Charlton boozers go. For those arriving by either tube (North Greenwich) or cable car, The Pilot on River Way is a nice boozer – frequented by quite a few Bees en-route to the match. There is also a boozer on the river too apparently near the ground. Other than that, it’s yer usual London Bridge or Greenwich selection.