Greville Waterman recently sent me a copy of his new book “Growing Pains” and it really is a massive tome coming in at nearly 400 pages.

Like everything that he writes it is thorough, knowledgeable, intelligent, well written and funny in places and it certainly covers last season in detail – a lot of detail!

He is particularly good at discussing the problems that the club faces in terms of retaining and recruiting players due to its lack of size and resources and it is interesting that he lets other fans have their say too and the feelings of concern at a time when last season was turning bad at the start of 2016 clearly come through.

Mix that with thorough match reports and observations on every aspect of the club, then ‘Growing Pains’ really does capture all the highs and the lows of an unforgettable campaign.

All in all, a worthy addition to the pantheon of Brentford literature and an ideal present for any Bees fan – just don’t try and read it all at once!

“Growing Pains” is available from the club shop priced £18.99, and also on Amazon, by clicking the link below:

Growing Pains: Brentford FC’s 2015/16 Season

 Dave Lane