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20130411-142408.jpgBecause those naughty boys and girls from Portsmouth got a tad over-excited about their impending fans buyout and decided to embark on a wee day trip to London, they subsequently sold out their allocation against Brentford in 24 hours. That led to many of them putting on false London accents and calling the Brentford box office attempting to buy tickets in what used to be designated New Road “hate corner” of Griffin Park for the match.

As a result, Ken the copper had enough and has made the game now designated an inconvenient all ticket affair. Brentford fans are traditionally not very good with all-ticket games. But with only two more home games to go and a three wins needed to guarantee automatic promotion, it has to be said that this is a “must tuck-into” game. Win this and the Bees are in a formidable position as they travel to kind of manager-less Sheffield Utd on Tuesday. So cast aside your traditional ambivalence and lack of organisation to pick up the phone and get yourself … and your mates .. and your family .. And your ex …… and your neighbours … and you work colleagues … even that bloke that really pissed you off a few years ago ….tucked-up for what could be a great day out at Griffin Park on Saturday.

There are loads of pubs for them to relax in before the game and enjoy the pre-match atmosphere. Tickets are sale for personal callers on the Brentford database (or bring a photo of you attending the freight rover final at Wembley in 1985, Ascoli in 1992 or Birmingham away Tuesday night a few years ago as common sense will surely prevail if you are a true Bee and can prove it. We need the cash for christs sake) on Saturday from 9am till midday….. thats if you aren’t from the Portsmouth and surrounding areas (and we’re not being Southist). You know it makes a lot of sense.