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Brentford FC have today confirmed the signature of  international striker Lassie Vibe.  The 28 year old striker, bred on a Danish farm as a “rough collie”, was top scorer in Sweden last year.

It has no doubt not gone unnoticed via Brentford’s team of back-room statistical analysts that he also rescued up to 17 stranded villagers from a fire in a barn.

Lassie is expected to complement a number of Brentford’s other players – particularly Spaniels Jota and Tebar.  The three are expected to form the bone of the team and have already bonded – it’s believed that they are already Pedigree chums.

Whilst Lassie will add much-needed experience to the squad, he is not expected to bark out instructions  as Captain – it’s rumoured instead that the husky tones of James Tarkowski may stand a chance of taking the lead on the pitch as skipper

Brentford supporters are understandably excited about the quality of recent signings, but it’s important that we don’t expect to walkie the league.  That said, we’ve certainly come a long way as a club since the signings of the likes of Peter Beagle, Terrier Evans and Daney Boxerall