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Brentford are back after the international break to play the Champions of Europe – that’s Chelsea not Leeds by the wa

With Christian Eriksen setting football stadiums alight whilst on international duty for Denmark, the stage is set for the Bees embark on their final run this season in securing safety in their first season of the Premier League.

Meanwhile, Chelsea have all sorts of shenanigans happening behind the scenes with the recent Russian sanctions affecting the club. Will this have an affect on what happens on the pitch? We will see in a match which is seen as yet another ‘free hit’ for Brentford

Billy The Bee Grant ( and Dave Laney Lane () hooked up to discuss Christian Eriksen’s international matches and ask whether Brentford can secure Christian Eriksen’s services after the end of the season.

Jonathan JB Burchill (@Jonathan77777) gives us the standing facts and funk

They also looked back to the Leicester match and looked forward to the Chelsea game at the weekend

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