It’s been an incredible first season at the highest level for Brentford High School – @Beesotted’s supply teacher Jon Restall (@thecondorman) reflects on the last nine months.

As the sun quite literally sets over New Griffin Park it’s a great time to look back at the highs and lows of an exciting year. We’ve just got to wait for a visiting pupil to get off his knees and leave the playing field before our caretaker can lock up for the summer

Overall it’s been a year of incredible memories, of highs and lows, but one we can all be very proud of – we’ve proved we belong at this level and brought a real energy to our performances. This has been reflected right around the grounds of the school where our anthem Hey Jude (and PE favourite Freed by Desire) have been sung loud and proud.

We should also give due respect to our head teacher Thomas Frank who has done an incredible job this season, out-thinking some rival principals and making the most of a very modest school budget. He’s asked me to thank the PTA for the lovely large bottle of red wine that he’s planning to enjoy across the summer. We suspect it will be gone by the weekend

Player by player review:

David Raya a very capable pupil who we rely on to get other pupils started with their own work. His distribution of text books around the classroom remains first class and we missed his presence when he was absent from school for a number of months.

Alvaro Fernandez sat in David’s seat for a number of lessons but didn’t ever look entirely comfortable. His shot stopping was decent but he struggled with some elementary problem solving.

Kris Ajer a large pupil who moved down from Scotland last summer. Another who missed several weeks of term but has impressed overall. His handwriting is beautiful for a boy of his size.

Pontus Jansson one of the older boys, has been very reliable throughout the school year. Pontus insists on wearing a hat to lessons which he claims is magic. He’s probably read a bit too much Harry Potter before bedtime.

Rico Henry quick of mind and body, he seems to sit in every seat on the left hand side of the classroom at the same time. Outpaced the district sprint champion Mr Salah at a televised sporting event. A gem of a pupil.

Mads Bech Sorensen Mads is a large and enthusiastic boy who has produced some reasonable work but can also cause significant disruption in the classroom when he blunders into desks and knocks over the water fountain. Very useful at throwing breaktime fruit to other pupils during morning break, he can reach every corner of the room.

Mads Roerslev a developing pupil who delivers a real mixed output – at times he looks absolutely terrified when asked a relatively simple question, but has also performed incredibly well when pitched against the larger academies. He kept Mr Son of Tottenham very quiet on a field trip for example.

Ethan Pinnock  a quiet, unassuming and popular pupil who produces top class work every single week. His improvement year on year on year is a pleasure to watch. Future Head Boy possibilities.

Sergi Canos requested to sit away from his normal seat for most of the year. Memorable start and ends to the season, but he should know not to take his shirt off during lessons. As a positive he still approaches lessons like an overexcited child, as a negative he still approaches lessons like an overexcited child.

Christian Norgaard voted most popular in class by both students and parents, Christian has been incredible. He’s prepared to muck in and tidy up the classroom when others make a mistake and quietly delivers results which outclass better known pupils from schools with larger resources.

Vitaly Janelt a very athletic pupil who charges into every lesson with an incredible energy. Has added a layer of quality to his homework although can sometimes break the nib of several pencils in the same lesson by pressing too hard.

Matthias Jensen Matty divides opinion among the parents – it almost feels like there are twin brothers who alternate lessons. Good Jensen drifts around the classroom showing real quality and drive, Bad Jensen looks like he doesn’t want to be in the lesson and keeps making simple mistakes (sometimes you forget he is even in class).. At his best though, he’s one of our most gifted students

Frank Onyeka joined Brentord for a not unsubstantial fee last summer but hasn’t lived up to that billing. Energetic enough in lessons but his output hasn’t been at the required standard. More to come, we hope, often wears a Tank Top during PE.

Christian Eriksen arrived with a fanfare in January and it’s clear to see that he’s an exceptional pupil. Answers questions you haven’t even asked and looks incredibly fit and motivated to succeed. We hope that he stays at least another term and is not tempted by one of the large Grammar Schools that have tried to entice him with a posher uniform and fancy overseas excursions.

Shandon Baptiste a pupil we had largely forgotten about until he arrived back at school in the summer. Probably hasn’t quite reached the standard required in a disrupted school year – including a disappointing detention acquired on a school trip to Wolverhampton – but shows occasional ability.

Josh Da Silva has been absent for most of the year and then disgraced himself when allowed back into the classroom by showing off in a dangerous way when a school from Newcastle visited. His work since has been hit and miss, but we are confident that if he stays fit and well he will be an important pupil next term.

Samman Ghoddos he’s sat in probably every seat in the classroom and tried his best whenever tested. Not quite the pupil we hoped for yet, but his contribution to lessons has been important at times… has a habit of hitting other pupils around the head which he’s been warned about on numerous occasions.

Ivan Toney a confident pupil who has generally performed well but hasn’t quite hit the highs of last term. Embarrassed himself on an overseas field trip, he needs to be careful when using social media outside of school hours when he’s off nowhere special. Might be coveted by other schools in the summer but in all honesty still has plenty to learn here.

Bryan Mbuemo  has had a really good year overall but sometimes gets really simple questions horribly wrong in class – he needs to work on finishing his homework over the summer. To his credit, even after making an error he puts his hand up time and time again and never shirks responsibility. Could yet be a truly exceptional pupil, and he seems to have a good relationship with Ivan.

Yoanne Wissa regularly answers some of the questions that other pupils have struggled with, but you feel his energy and discipline in class could improve. It’s been a decent first term overall though and Yoanne could, and should, develop further.

In brief:

Jonas Lossl only came into two lessons but did not contribute at all
Charlie Goode performed better than expected before being sent to a school in Sheffield to continue his education. Insists on wearing white shoes.
Marcus Forss remains an enigma and is yet to make the most of his talents.
Zanka experienced pupil who performed well but misses too many lessons.
Nathan Young Coombes looking to step up from reception, appears talented.
Mads Bidstrup  hopefully his school exchange will have improved him further.

Jon Restall