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Beesotted’s shabbily dressed supply teacher @thecondorman looks back on the last season:

It’s the end of another entertaining year here at Brentford High School where we’ve really continued to establish ourselves as a force to be reckoned with in the Championship, bettering some of the larger (and sometimes more arrogant) schools along the way.

Our likeable headmaster Mr Smith has performed well overall – and since January in particular – it’s become much clearer what his own vision for the school is, thrilling parents with some top class entertainment.

As ever, it will be interesting to see which pupils remain here for next year – and which new faces appear over the next couple of months. If we can keep the core of the school together then we might be able to progress even further next term.

Pupil by pupil reports:

Daniel Bentley
David was new to the school this year and has caused far fewer calamitous accidents in class than the boy that previously sat at his desk. He is well-liked and reliable and looks set to have a great future here.

Josh Clarke
Young Josh looked to be leaving the school a couple of years back but has really started to show his potential. Has been enthusiastic when called upon but needs to work with his end product over the coming year.

Maxime Colin
Monsieur Colin joined us from a Belgian academy last term and has proved to be a classy addition to the school. His year was broken up by niggling injuries which kept him off sick and there are rumours that he might seek pastures new next term.

Harlee Dean
The head boy has really shone this year, gaining plaudits from all quarters. His competitive nature is a joy to watch and he has largely quelled the petulance that previously blotted his copybook from time to time. Whilst he is meant to be seated at the very back of the class he keeps moving his chair right to the very front when no-one is looking.

John Egan
John is another pupil who joined in the summer and has had a decent first year here at BHS – getting noticed by the International school in his native Ireland along the way. Lost his desk towards the end of the year but will no doubt be determined to raid lost property to reclaim it for the start of term.

Yoann Barbet
Yoann, a left hander, is capable of creating things of real beauty and it’s a pleasure to see some of the things he creates during lessons. He’s sometimes had to wait for his chance to shine in class but looks to be an important part of the school’s future.

Andreas Bjelland
Andreas came to the school with a big reputation but struggled with injury during his first year. It’s fair to say that he’s been a diligent pupil but hasn’t perhaps reached the heights that were expected of him since returning to class. There might be more to come, although a move back to an overseas academy might not be completely unexpected.

Rico Henry
Rico joined the school with his arm in a sling that needed an immediate visit to the school nurse and a subsequent operation. Once he had recovered he bounced into class and immediately helped improve the performance of others around him – he’s a little boy with a big big future.

Tom Field
Tom stepped up a class from the Junior school and has worked hard to try and prove his importance to the class. Occasionally he gets bullied by the bigger boys, but doesn’t ever shirk the task in front of him. Sometimes positions his desk in a slightly unorthodox place – something that he will hopefully learn to improve with age.

Nico Yennaris
Despite a nagging injury Nico had a 100% attendance record at school this year. He’s the sort of pupil that goes about his work diligently without any fuss and is keen to help out his classmates. You tend to notice his real value to the school when he isn’t in the classroom – his absence is very apparent. Produced one moment of fantastic work at the Fulham school for the very posh.

Ryan Woods
Ryan is a joy to teach and a real bundle of enthusiasm. In the playground he refuses to be bullied by bigger pupils and can often dominate lessons. When Ryan is having a (rare) bad day at school it is very noticeable and often drags down those around him. Very popular with his fellow pupils.

Konstantin Kershbaumer
“KK” is a steady performer. He can be a bit clumsy in lessons but often produces a stand out piece of work when no-one is expecting it. Hasn’t completely established himself at the school yet however.

Josh McEachran
Josh came from a bigger school with a good reputation but initially struggled to impress his teachers. However he started to show that he is a very capable pupil earlier on this year before injury removed him from the classroom. Hopefully when he returns he will pick up where he left off.

Romaine Sawyers
Romaine joined us last summer from the school that Mr Smith used to work at. He can sometimes look a bit languid in class but actually works very hard and makes some very intelligent contributions during lessons. Will probably never be popular with all parents but can definitely continue to improve next term. His class mates seem to appreciate his brains.

Jota returned to the school after a disappointing work experience placement back in Spain and immediately picked up where he left off, thrilling everybody with both his ability and end product. Arguably the best pupil we’ve ever had at the school, we are looking forward to working with him again next year, and the year after, and the year after!

Sergi Canos
Sergi is a real livewire in lessons and has an infectious enthusiasm about him. Rejoined us after a disappointing spell at an underperforming school where the other pupils spoke a bit funny. Another potential star in the making.

Florian Josefzoon
“FloJo” is a Dutch pupil who zips around the classroom at great pace generally causing havoc wherever he goes. Hopefully he will hang around next term too.

Scott Hogan
Scott was a star pupil during the autumn term but was offered more pocket money if he joined a different school after Christmas so he appeared to pull a bit of a sickie before eventually moving to the Midlands. Scott was ultimately a very good pupil but sometimes appeared a bit of a loner during lessons.

Lasse Vibe
Lasse is an enthusiastic and popular member of the class who, after sitting at a number of desks he didn’t really like, shone again once seated at the very front of the class. His end product speaks for itself but he can sometimes make errors in important exams.


Quick reports:

Jack Bonham – no longer the class clown

Callum Elder – was disappointing during his brief field trip

Phillipp Hoffman – oversized pupil, unfancied by the teachers

Sullay Kaikai – didn’t live up to the billing from his previous school

Lewis Macleod – showed off some talent before an unfortunate injury whilst visiting a dreadful school just down the road

Alan McCormack – fabulous older student, leaves with our blessing. Ruled the playground with fear

Sam Saunders – bronzed adonis, moved to Wycombe in January

Justin Shaibu – strapping youngster, one to watch