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So the curtain has closed on a memorable year at Brentford High School. Whilst it is generally pleasing to see the school move up the Ofsted rankings overall, we are all incredibly disappointed not to have made the grade at a higher level.

This summer will definitely see some changes at the school with Chairman of Governors Mr Dyke moving on to pastures new. We are sure that some pupils will also leave, to be replaced by others. Hopefully we won’t see too much change though overall as the class of 2012/2013 have the potential to keep improving.

The headmaster Herr Rosler can cut an imposing figure and has a thoughtful and intelligent approach to school life, although some feel he can sometimes be too cautious. He needs to ensure that his school rules are adhered to at key times during the term.

Here is our pupil by pupil report for the year:

Simon Moore. Simon is an astute young pupil who has matured fantastically this term. His approach to lessons is commendable and he works hard to improve himself. Could easily be offered a place at a bigger school over the summer.

Shaleum Logan. Shay is an excitable pupil who sits on the right of the classroom and repeatedly moves his chair from the back to the front throughout lessons. Has had a couple of terrible days in class but remains an asset.

Jake Bidwell. Jake joined us on a second year placement from the Everton academy. Whilst not always hitting the heights of his first outstanding year, he is a reliable pupil and may potentially join us full-time over the Summer.

Harlee Dean. Harlee is an ebullient figure, who has become a key pupil and can dominate lessons. His school shorts sometimes look a little tight.

Tony Craig. Anthony is one of the older pupils at the school and after a slightly difficult early period at the club where he kept putting his schoolbag into the wrong desk has become a calm and dependable figure.

Kevin O’Connor. Kevin’s year was disrupted heavily by an accident on a school trip to Portsmouth. He is a very loyal and consistent pupil who performs well under pressure and is happy to sit anywhere in the classroom without it noticably affecting his performance. Better at taking penalties than perhaps he realises, some feel he needs to be more forceful in this area.

Toumani Diagouraga. Toumani has days at school where his work is absolutely brilliant. He has other days where he sits in lessons unnoticed. Fortunately the former are more regular than the latter. Performed well on the end of season trip to Wembley, making up for his previous visit where he was a very naughy boy.

Tom Adeyemi. Tom joined Brentford High as part of an exchange programme for a year but recently has become one of the most popular boys in class. He is athletic and looks like a star pupil in the making. Most hope he will join us full time next term.

Jonathan Douglas. Jonathan is a somewhat unkempt pupil but his contribution to class can be vitally important. Has been known to answer all the questions within a lesson on his own, but ran out of steam a bit during the end of term test.

Adam Forshaw. Adam is a quiet but gifted boy who has proved to be a real asset. Popular with other pupils and staff he looks to have a very bright future.

Harry Forrester. At times this year, Harry has shown that he is an incredibly gifted individual. His attention span can sometimes seem a bit limited meaning that he can drift in and out of lessons. Has more to offer at Brentford High but may choose to sit his lessons elsewhere next year.

Sam Saunders. Some thought that Sam might move away from the area in January, but he remained in TW8 and made some vital contributions. Best taker of a direct free kick at the school.

Clayton Donaldson. Was recently announced as Head Boy at the Big Red Ball. Clayton works tirelessly and can be a real handful. Some think he would be better sitting in the centre of class and that his talents can sometimes be wasted over by the window.

Marcello Trotta. Marcello joined Brentford on an international exchange from a terrible academy in Fulham. He will live on in memory for years for his villanous part in the Doncaster pantomime. Not always the most popular pupil and can look like like he is not really concentrating during class. At other times he is incredibly astute.

Paul Hayes. Paul blotted his copy book during his very first lesson vs Yeovil and didnt ever fully recover. Spent the second half of term at a school in Crawley but returned to make a cameo role in the end of year play (a tragedy). Will have to work hard over the summer but could yet prove to be an asset if given a settled seat in class.

Bradley Wright-Phillips. Many were excited at Bradley’s arrival at the school but his output has been somewhat moderate despite the odd flash of brilliance. Could potentially join us full time over the summer but is rumoured to demand quite a lot of pocket money.

Farid El Alagui. Poor Farid fell over in class and hurt his knee, just as he was starting to prove his worth following his move from a Scottish school last summer where he was incredibly popular. We hope he makes up for lost time next term.

Other Pupils:

Lee Hodson – put in a decent shift when called upon. Better at the back of class.
Richard Lee – one of the school prefects, very reliable. Missed end of term with a bad shoulder.
Scott Barron – hasn’t really settled yet after joining from a very uncouth school. Currently injured.
Rob Kiernan – adaptable but not really dominant. Could yet see him again.
Liam Moore – a very large boy who shone briefly but then messed up in class a few times.
Stuart Dallas – a rough diamond but one with definite potential.
Jake Reeves – a lively figure with some beautiful handwriting. Very silly in Walsall back in August.
Leon Legge – popular boy who moved to Kent mid term. Some fond memories remain of his time with us.

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