Seasoned sports journalist, and Beesotted regular contributor, Jim Levack, defends Brentford’s “team of cheats” after another entitled and hypocritical attack on Thomas Frank’s side.

“He would have been absolutely perfect for the Hammers”, “30-goal striker on Hammers’ radar”, “Deal more likely after Winston Reid loan”.

It must be tough keeping the content flowing on a tabloid format website like Hammers News so even the slightest angle is going to get followed up and as we say in the trade ’jacked up’.

The three naïve headlines related to Ollie Watkins and Ivan Toney rely on a child-like view of the way football works… or more accurately the hope that their readers are gullible fools.

Previously I’ve had a chuckle at some of their fanciful teasers, the latest of which is a swipe at David Moyes’s failure to rush out and sign free-scoring striker Daryl Dike.

The “he would have been absolutely perfect for the Hammers” header trotted out again, just as it was for Ollie and Co.

I know I shouldn’t rise to it – these guys rely on clicks after all – but the piece penned by Damien Lucas was frankly one of the most pathetic rants I’ve ever read from a supposed journalistic colleague.

First the headline – Brentford a breath of fresh air? They stank the place out with time-wasting tactics that belong in the dark ages to get West Ham win.

If that wasn’t bad enough it was followed by an emotional diatribe accusing Brentford of ‘time -wasting tactics, playacting and adopting a dinosaur Sam Allardyce approach to the game’.

It was jaw-dropping, spiteful stuff and there, tucked away near the end, the words “this is not sour grapes”. Sorry Damien but that’s exactly what it was.

The author, who felt his beloved Irons were “wronged by a team of cheats”, sprinkled in a bit of hypocrisy too for good measure.

“Even Mathias Jorgensen’s disrespectful run-in with David Moyes left a sour taste in the mouth. A manager approaching his 1,000th match being taunted and abused by a footballing no mark,” he went on.

Would that be the very same manager Damien’s website repeatedly pilloried by Hammers News for failing to buy X or Y after every transfer window? Pretty disrespectful to a manager approaching his 1,000th match.

Oh, and for the record you don’t rack up hundreds of appearances for some of the best clubs on the continent and your country if you’re a no mark.

I once worked with a superb sports reporter called Ken Dyer on my first evening paper many years ago, and he was and quite rightly still is regarded as one of the best journos to tread West Ham’s corridors. I suggest Damien should look to him and then in the mirror for the definition of a no mark.

For the record, I wasn’t fortunate enough to be at the London Stadium after succumbing to Covid but it offered me an opportunity to watch the game dispassionately (until the 94th minute).

To my mind it was a near perfect away performance. We hit the bar (Damien glossed over that), could have been three up inside 10 minutes (Damien lost his notebook for that bit) and were brave beyond belief.

There were one or two rhythm-breaking moments but show me a side that doesn’t do that when they’re winning away.

Brentford were superb, full of energy, pressed high and cut through the lines of a good side with panache at the right times… then pounced when West Ham had no time to respond.

Word of warning. Don’t bother reading the guff on Hammers News because you’ll only boost Damien’s click rate.

Instead just read some of the match reports and remember the effusive praise of Alan Shearer for the Bees’ bravery even in the dying embers of the game.

Presumably though, in Damien’s eyes, he’s just another no mark.

Jim Levack