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As the season approaches and with many Bees still in holiday mode/playoff hangover, we thought it may be an appropriate time to give a wee nudge about train offers still available for the first few away matches. People can then book now at (relatively) rock bottom prices … And then forget about it. Coz it’s not gonna get cheaper.

Port Vale (Sat 3rd Aug)

We tweeted a few weeks ago that tickets were still available to Stoke from Euston for £12 return. These have all gone. The cheapest “two singles combination” fare is via London Midland and is £28.50 (£12 out and £16.50 back) on specific trains. If there are four of you, book a groupsave on London Midland for £72 (£18 each) but you will need to catch a £5 cab from the ground to ensure you get the last available train for that fare at 5.28pm which shouldn’t be a problem.

Gillingham (Sat 17th August)

An off peak return to Gillingham which gives you train flexibility will cost you £17.70 leaving from either Charing Cross or Victoria. Groupsave 4 costs £35.40 (that’s £8.85 each).

Bradford (Sat 7th Sept)

Bradford we tweeted a few weeks ago was going at a relatively bargain £27 return. You can still get returns for £27 if you don’t mind getting the 10.48am train – getting in at 2pm. The next cheapest is the 8.03am (£30 return). You can return at either 6.31pm or 7.31pm at those prices. If you fancy an overnighter watching the England v Australia one day cricket international at Headingly on Fri 6th (followed by the England v Moldova game in the pub), you can take the 10.48 and travel for £27 return.

Another clever little tuck could be to wait for the Megatrain to come into effect on Thur 25th July and try and bag a cheap return to Sheffield (from £1 each way). Then buy a £12 day return from Sheffield to Bradford. Could get you up to Bradford for under £15 return. But you never know the availability of the Megatrain till it goes on sale. You need to be quick too.

Tranmere (Sat 14th Sept)

Tickets to Liverpool are still at the lowest price – £25 return. And there are still a fair few options there and back. This won’t last. Tickets nearer the time are known to cost £50+ for singles and £78 for an off peak return.

Coventry (Sun 29th Sept at Northampton)

London Midland are running a groupsave 4 to Northampton for £51.60 (£12.90 each). If you want to save a little more, break your journey – London to Milton Keynes/FranchiseHome (£29 groupsave four return) and Milton Keynes to Northampton (£16.60 groupsave four return). Total cost £45.60 (£11.40 each). Groupsave tickets are flexible time train tickets

The weird thing about the broken journey is you can actually stay on the same train. It’s just cheaper if you break the trip

Single fares are currently £12 return but you have to get specified trains.

Don’t forget if you are travelling with children aged between 5yrs and 15 yrs, a £30 friends and family railcard will probably pay it’s money back in one or two away trips – offering 30% off fares for up to four adults and four children

For the most accurate fares to Northampton and Port Vale go to the London Midland site as opposed to the National Rail website as National rail seems to miss out some of the groupsave offers

We have to point out that London Midland train service is in our experience awful. Always late, trains breaking down and passengers disembarked at stations miles from their final destination. However, they are one of the cheapest so we tend to put up with it unfortunately. They do have a well trained customer service department mind you and readily offer refunds for shoddy service.

Happy travelling