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Billy Grant appeared on BBC Radio 5 Live to talk about his experience in Middlesbrough for the England game which saw a small section of fans boo England players taking the knee

A few minutes before the match as some fans started booing, one fan was challenged by England fans in his vicinity. They told him his aggression and booing was making them feel uncomfortable and asked him to stop – which then saw him start to get aggressive with everyone around him

England supporters hold booing fan back from supporters who expressed unhappiness with the booing

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But is it right (and timely) to express their views in this way at a match when the majority of people just want to come and watch the game?

And more to the point, is it right that the  players – and just as importantly the fans – are subjected to such venomous hate at a football match?

The claim that the knee is political. It’s a well documented fact that Martin Luther King took the knee back in 1965 in Selma in and around the protests on black voting rights and violence against blacks.

Martin Luther King take the knee in Selma, USA in 1965

Is racism really politics? Or is it just an excuse spouted by some to condone their actions?

Billy talks about this plus more on the BBC Radio 5 show