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Billy The Bee Grant chatted to Neil from The Anfield Wrap podcast before the start of the season discussing all things Liverpool, Brentford and Premier League

This interview dropped initially on the Beesotted Global channel – a community for Brentford fans to discuss Brentford and a place for Beesotted to drop in addition content to the regular stuff they put out –  before the Premier League season started and covered:

  • Liverpool’s season last season
  • Liverpool’s view on Brentford’s season last season
  • Thoughts on Brentford’s season this season?
  • If Liverpool were to sign anyone from the Bees – bar Ivan Toney- who would they sign?
  • Which team will disappoint this season and who will surprise?
  • Top four teams this season and who will win the league?
  • Bottom three teams this season?
  • Brentford v Liverpool matches this season – more fireworks again?

Plenty more content to come on Beesotted Global on the next few months

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