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At the end of a memorable season,  Beesotted’s regular supply teach Jon Restall (@thecondorman) supplies his annual report:

So it’s been a wonderful year here at Brentford High School with the team finally gaining the recognition it deserves and being elected to the Premier Schools Assembly for next term.

Whilst the pupils will gain a lot of the plaudits, head teacher Mr Frank has done a fabulous job galvanising their performance and striving for outstanding work. And he’s done this, at times, whilst some of the parents have written rude things about him on the school walls.  He proved them all wrong though and he’s now gone off for his summer break happy, armed with a jeroboam of red wine and some detangling spray for his fabulous hair.

Many others have contributed to this achievement too – from the work the PTA did many years ago rattling buckets outside the school gates, to the generous donations from Mr. Benham, without whom none of this would be possible. And let’s never forget the fantastic contribution of Mr. Rowan whilst at the helm of our junior school – we’ve seen many of his former pupils blossom along the way recently.  Rest in Peace Rob.

It’s been a year of disruption as the school has moved to a new buildings and seen parents forced to wave their children off at the school gates, only allowed onto the premises on three occasions.  I look forward to our community coming back closer together in our new home next year.

Next term is likely to be challenging and rewarding in equal measure – I’m sure we are all looking forward to seeing the school on the next step of it’s journey.

Pupil reports:

David Raya – David has done extremely well to bounce back from an unfortunate set-back in his final exam last year. He sits much more further forward in class than you would expect and this helps him support those pupils around him but does sometime leave him susceptible to mild bullying.

Rico Henry – a frankly outstanding pupil who was missed enormously by his classmates when he was unwell in the summer term. Quick witted and hard working. One of the best pupils we’ve ever had at the school.

Henrik Dalsgaard – a few years ago Henrik had behavioural problems in class, often growing frustrated with his own little errors.  He has now matured into a reliable pupil who galvanises those around him.  If his time at the school has reached it’s end, he leaves on a high and should be remembered favourably.

Mad Bech Sorensen – a gigantic pupil who has previously looked a bit awkward in lessons. After finally settling into the school this year he was asked to move seat to a slightly uncomfortable chair on the left hand side of the classroom.  He didn’t complain and kept working his hardest.  Can throw a board rubber an enormous distance.

Mads Roerslev – missed a chunk of the season unwell but starred in lessons towards the end of term showing a maturity beyond his years.

Pontus Jansson – the class captain is an unusual fellow. He is rarely the star performer in lessons but seems to improve the concentration of those around him. Still has the odd rush of blood to the head but will be remembered as our leader in this fabulous year.

 Ethan Pinnock – originally home schooled, Ethan has not been in the formal education system long.  His reading has improved substantially this year as he’s continued to develop into one of our finest.  Takes up quite a lot of space in class.

Vitaly Janelt – moved to Brentford from Germany last summer and has been an absolute colossus.  Was thrown into the pool during swimming lessons and learnt to swim very hard and very fast.  A key pupil in our success.  Unfortunately he did sometimes run through the classroom wall rather than use the door.

Christian Norgaard – a crucially important pupil who was absent for over a term.  His classmates stepped up their performance to make up for his absence but we look much better when he is in class.

Josh Dasilva – Josh had another growth spurt this year and is now one of our larger pupils. His quick wits can help turn a disappointing lesson into a successful one and he was learning to use his physicality well before having to miss the final lessons of the season.  Looks set to continue to improve into a beast of a pupil.

Matthias Jensen – Matty is an interesting pupil, he can perform absolutely outstanding work but sometimes you completely forget he’s in a lesson. Fortunately, at the end of term he was at his brilliant best and he might well continue to shine next year.

Tarique Fosu – an understated pupil who seemed to always be in class for our best lessons of the year.  He’s had to move desks several times but never complains and continues to work his hardest in lessons. More talented than sometimes given credit for.

Sergi Canos – wow, what a year.  After a long absence from class he was repeatedly asked difficult questions in lessons by Mr Frank and looked to be struggling – his poor performance started to attract some grumbling from parents amid suggestions he should be excluded.  But he came through this difficult period to completely excel by the end of term.  Bounces into lessons with a smile on his face and a passion for this school in his heart. Well done Sergi!

Bryan Mbuemo – in many ways a difficult second year for this starlet, but he’s a young man who has been living overseas during a pandemic.  Despite sometimes bumping into desks and missing the bin with his litter, his overall output has actually remained decent and he found his confidence again when sitting closer to Ivan Toney.  Another who could excel next term.

Ivan Toney – had a big desk to fill when he joined the school last summer but he’s done it with a real swagger.  Different to the pupils before him who sat at the front of class, he’s been a talisman for the class and produced outstanding academic marks.  Often stares coldly at pupils from other schools, waiting for them to move before giving his decisive answer. Likes a scuffle too.

Saman Ghoddos – initially came to Brentford on a sabbatical but moved here permanently over the Christmas period. Is clearly intelligent but hasn’t always given the correct answers when required.  Looks to have more to contribute as he continues to settle in and was a pupil that the School Governors were keen to attract for a period of time.

Emiliano Marcondes – another young man who ended the season well after some frustrating contributions during his time at the school.  Looks likely to depart this summer but leaves on a real high.  Seems to perform best when under the pressure of final exams.

Marcus Forss – started the year brilliantly but then the standard of his work drifted away as he became less involved during lessons. Started to find his confidence again in the summer term and produced one outstanding answer that shut Mr Woodgate up completely.

Others of Note:

Luke Daniels – departs the school after some reliable service.  Thank you.

Mad Bidstrup – looks set to be a very talented pupil.

Charlie Goode – rarely seen during an interrupted term.

Winston Reid – mature pupil who arrived on an exchange trip and contributed well.

Jan Zamburek – gifted young lad but didn’t really kick on this year.

Dom Thompson – was briefly missed when he joined another school leaving his desk completely unoccupied.