Welcome to Beesotted Question Time.

The first in a new series of Beesotted podcasts – in two parts (below) – where we get fans to throw the questions and opinions into the hat, and the Beesotted crew attempt to answer them.

In the studio on this show – Billy TheBee Grant, Dave Laney Lane and Martin The Dutchman Holland.

Answering questions – the esteemed panel:

Matt The Allard Allard
Club Shop Ann
Gary GP Paul
Greville The Waterman
Ian The Westbrook
Jonathon Burchill
Dr Katie Bee Graham
Liberal Nick Carthew
Liberal Tom Fidler
Robin Hood McMichael

Asking questions as wide ranging as:

  • Has signing Ivan Toney papered over the cracks?
  • What Brentford major final defeat would you reverse if you could
  • Favourite international away day
  • What policemen terrorised Bees fans in the 80’s
  • What drink has been getting Bees fans through lockdown
  • Favourite song ever
  • Brentford’s very own Ted Lasso asks what was our worst ever Bees relegation
  • And some interesting Thomas Frank questions

Jonny Ross Tatum
Jimmy The Fish
Rob the Caveman
Jason Wills
Yehuda Israeli Bee
Owen Bee
Steve H
Brentford’s very own Ted Lasso, Scott Williams Tampa Bee
John from Isleworth
Tony Johnson
Fleet John
Adam Velasco
Mrs Fleet
and Pat

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