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This week saw the release of the official Brentford team shot for 2013, which can be viewed here on the excellent Official Brentford Pics website, and we are proud to announce the winner of this year’s Beesotted Best Brentford Beard from the individual headshots taken that day.

Facial hair has been a hot topic amongst the first team squad over recent years.  It’s rumoured that his appalling effort at growing a ‘tache during last years Movember appeal were the main reason that Simon Moore was booted out of the club over the summer.

Some supporters have recently – with the benefit of hindsight of course – questioned the decision to let Lewis Grabban leave Griffin Park. They’ve clearly etched from their memories his awful Ming the Merciless chin beard which he wore without any shame during his time in TW8.

Anyway, we are sure you are bristling to know who has won, so on with the awards:

Winner – Will Grigg

Brentford Squad 2013-14

Our panel said “This beard shows real aggression and determination. It’s a sign of intent. It’s tidy and the colour consistency is good. A deserved champion and well worth the recent tribunal fee.”

Silver Medal – Scott Barron

Brentford Squad 2013-14

Our panel said “Barron has chosen a traditional beard but it is not to everyone’s tastes. Scott shows excellent overall growth but the colouring is a mess of ginger and silver. This beard divided our panel as some felt it was too bushy. Out of control you could say – but it’s still worthy of second place.”

Bronze Medal – Jonathan Douglas

Brentford Squad 2013-14

Our panel said “Douglas has been a consistent beard wearer throughout his period at the club yet, at times, he looks like he has been sleeping below a hedge. Colouration is good and the beard blends seemlessly into his hairline. However both could do with a swift brush”.

Highly Commended – Liam O’Brien

Brentford Squad 2013-14

Our panel said – “O’Brien is the new kid on the block, but has boldy entered beard terrain during the fledgling period of his campaign. His beard is tidy and sensible, if a bit gingery in places. You could imagine him serving you in a bank”

Could do better – Raphael Calvet

Brentford Squad 2013-14

Our panel said – “Whilst the French are known for their style, their panache and their va-va-voom this beard shows little to send an air mail letter home about. The moustache is clearly detached from both sideburns and there are areas of poor growth throughout. C’est ne pas bon.”

Wooden Spoon – Shaleum Logan

Brentford Squad 2013-14

Our panel said – “What on earth is this meant to be? It’s far too bling for League One and the gingery gold inner beard looks slightly lopsided too. There is also considerable thinning in the approach to the ears.  Frankly it’s all a bit Abel Xavier.”

Beesotted would like to thank all Brentford players for their beard growing efforts and hopes that facial warmth translates comprehensively into league points across the winter months.