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It’s five wins out of five for Brentford post lockdown – and six if you include the Wednesday match in March – as they go into the Derby match at the weekend – hoping to keep the pressure on the top two teams – Leeds and West Brom – in The Championship.

The Beesotted crew met in two shifts – the infamous Thomas Frank whiteboard coming out half way through to give the starting team a rest and bring on the subs. A genius tactical move if ever we’re seen one.

In the virtual joint this week with Billy Grant we have Dave Laney Lane and Liberal Tom Fidler playing the first half. And Liberal Nick Carthew and Matt The Allard Allard playing the second half. As they discussed the Charlton victory.

We hear what Thomas Frank had to say post Charlton match.

Plus we discuss his infamous white board which seems to have got Leeds fans riled – deliberating what words could have been on it to gee up the players at Charlton. And also what words should he put on it for the forthcoming Derby match.

We chat to Lisa Howard from Derby Fan TV about Wayne Rooney’s Derby County

Plus we discuss West Brom’s win against Derby. And Leeds’ forthcoming batch again Stoke – who have helped Brentford in the past – and muse over how the midweek matches affected the promotion race.

We look at what the stats people are saying – with West Brom predicted to pip Brentford to second place with a predicted points haul of  87 points  compared  to Brentford’s  83  meaning  Brentford need to win their last four matches to stand any  chance of automatics. And they need West Brom to go to form or worse. Not  better.


Five Thirty Eight Championship Predictions – Fri 10th July 2020

And also look forward to the matches at the weekend