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The Beesotted crew met up at The George IV in Chiswick to try and lift the mood. And talk all sorts – not just Bees.

New stadium season tickets. Drink driving footballers. Supporters getting banned. Brentford’s kit and a look back to the process of creating the new badge.

Plus we chat to Carlo from Reds Report who gives us the lowdown on Barnsley

Billy TheBee Grant
Dave Laney Lane
Savvy Bee
Cham De Silva

0 min – Intro
8 min 08 sec – Part 1. Derby players Mason Bennett and Tom Lawrence done for drink driving. Brentford’s New Stadium Season Ticket Drive has finally been announced? Where will you be ‘sitting’ (or standing)
41 min 57 secs – Part 2. Reflecting on Tango’s recent ban from Sheffield Wednesday, we reflect on eccentrics within the football fan base and ask whether clubs actually ‘get’ characters? We look back to the creation of Brentford’s new badge. And ask how it fares with Brentford’s new kit this season
1 hr 10 min 58 sec – Carlo from Reds All Over gives us his lowdown on Barnsley
1 hr 19 min 50 sec – Beesotted crew chat Barnsley match on Sunday – and discuss where they will be watching the match
1 hr 28 min 34 sec – END