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Following Liverpool’s failure to beat Burnley at Anfield yesterday, Brentford’s proud and long-standing record of winning every home game in a season remains in tact – no team has match this record since Harry Curtis’ team achieved the feat way back in 1930. Today we look back and thank that Bees team of yesteryear and rightly salute them for what they achieved. Beating QPR in the final match, and having a man called Lane score a hat-trick makes it even sweeter for me!

Brentford (2) 3 v Q. P. R. (0) 0
Attendance, 20,000
W. Lane (3)

Well played Brentford! The world of sport joins in congratulating the ìBeesî on creating a new record in football history by winning every home league match throughout a whole season. This remarkable feat was achieved on Monday, when Brentford defeated Queens Park Rangers in the last home match of the present campaign.

The game attracted a huge holiday crowd, and so packed were the terraces and enclosures that spectators were allowed to line the pitch. It was a great game ñ fast, thrilling and clean ñ with but little indication  that it was the playersí third game in four days.

The game was a personal triumph for W. Lane who turned out with his head heavily bandaged, but that was no handicap, for he started off by scoring in the very first minute and left the field with a ìhat-trickî to his credit.

The home supporters went almost mad with excitement at Brentfordís sensational opening. From the kick-off, the ìBeesî swept down the field, and Payne nearly scored from Fosterís centre. The ball, however, hit the crossbar, and W. Lane netted from the rebound. Inspired by such a beginning, Brentford attacked relentlessly, and it looked as though the Rangers were going to be completely routed, but they made a fine recovery, and did not deserve to be two goals down at half-time. After half an hourís play, Blakemore fell heavily and severely strained his arm. He left the field in agony, and his return was doubtful, but he reappeared with his arm bandaged, and it was from his pass that W. Lane scored his second goal five minutes from the interval.

If Brentford were flattered by the score in the first half, they more than deserved their lead in the second. They were much too fast for the Rangers, who were unable to keep the pace, and apart from a few spasmodic efforts on the part of their forwards, they faded out. I noticed that Goddard changed places with Burns at the beginning of this half, but the Rangersí centre forward found Hodge as difficult to beat as Dumbrell, and he reverted to his position.

After Rounce had missed a great opportunity, W. Lane completed his hat-trick with the finest goal of the match. Under severe pressure, Harris, the Rangersí left back, who had made two previous fatal blunders, passed weakly back to Cunningham. W. Lane raced neck-and-neck with Nixon, the other back, and cleverly tapped the ball past the advancing goalkeeper into an open goal.

Brentford gave a fine all-round display. In a defence that never faltered, Bain was the commanding figure, whilst Salt surpassed himself at left half. Dumbrell and Hodge, playing admirably together, thoroughly mastered Georgie Goddard and his inside partners, and Fox was seldom troubled during the whole course of the game. Davis was sound enough, and Howe the visiting left winger, did not have matters so much his own way as he did in the other game. The forwards played well together, and W. Lane put Goddard in the shade as a leader. He put in some delightful touches, as was as unselfish as ever. His namesake also figured prominently, and Blakemore was useful in spite of his painful injury, which necessitated his playing carefully. 

Payne was easily the fastest man on the field, and it was as well that Cunningham was in form, for some of the wingerís shots were deadly accurate. Foster never recovered from a nasty jar early in the game, and his play suffered in consequence, although he revealed occasional flashes of form.

Brentford: Fox, Dumbrell, Hodge, Davies, Bain, Salt, Foster, J. Lane, W. Lane, Blakemore, Payne

Dave Lane