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Beesotted are always happy to use article contributions from our readers, here’s one that’s been sent in by Tebbisimo urging some sections of the Bees’ support to keep the faith.

Well fellow bees fans… just like in life, eh? Everything is going swimmingly; you’re the happiest you’ve ever been and WHAM. You saw the future, it was bloody perfect… it seemed to be happening so fast – and now here we are again. Mistrustful, doubtful and afraid.

Overegging maybe, but I’ve a detached view this season. My own football team clashes with the Bees oftentimes. Yes that’s right – the one season I can actually enjoy the “glory” I’ve been to about 3 games. But it has given me insight into the lower reaches of the pyramid – and looking up, apart from the technical and intellectual quality; It’s the same fundamental deal as a cross between your overly serious Sunday league team, and wherever it is you work.

Seasons come and go – football rides waves of “hype”, and then flow to a cyclical process of peaks and troughs. It can’t be any other way. It’s human competition, with enough external factors to constitute an element of luck. So here comes the alternative, blue sky thinking;

• Managers come and go – who is to say they wouldn’t have gone anyway? If Everton came in for them, would you even harbour a grudge?
• This was a deal agreed behind closed doors. Like professional business men that they are.
• It’s an easy decision NOT TO MAKE. It would be very easy to BOTTLE IT NOW!
• Results can turn in an instant. Mark Warburton’s stock could fall – maybe he’s (with all due respect) lucked out to be in a position where everything is just hunky dory. Keep it ticking along please chap.
• This is Matthew Benham’s business ingenuity, ambition and drive shining through.
• The people who “suffer” from this, will actually emerge from this incredibly well. The players and manager are not at fault at a “period of turmoil”/The players and manager were incredible in their resolve to put it behind them…la la la…
• Our squad is tight nit. Our manager has a great personal relationship with them. They don’t want to lose anyway. This “siege mentality” could be the greatest incentive we need to propel us into the championship.

Agree/Disagree, that’s not the point. These are assumptions – just like yours, based on years of doubt, fear and mistrust, that Benham has gone loopy and the club have LOST THE PLOT.

The real world isn’t pantomime; and regardless of the glitzy coverage, media hype and astronomical wages – there’s a world no different to where you, I and everyone else work and live. There’s no black and white, and they’re logical decisions people have made based on their needs. In Benham’s case, we’ve all seen nothing else that this is purely a love for the club, and an excellent entrepreneurial desire to be the best at whatever he tries.

Keep the faith – the road is never a simple one, that’s why we’re Bees fans, and that’s what made these days all the more special.

If I see one more whinger about this “damaging our chance to be in the prem” or “we should have got a striker ffs then we’d be top”, I’ll have lost all faith in humanity.