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Brentford welcome Newcastle to New Griffin Park for their first real six-pointer of the season.

The Bees are looking for their first win since the victory against Aston Villa just after New Years Day. Meanwhile Newcastle are unbeaten since being beaten in the FA Cup by 2nd division Cambridge

Billy The Bee Grant (, Dave Laney Lane () and Matt The Allard Allard (@theMattAllard) hooked up to shoot the breeze on the Arsenal defeat whilst looking forward to the visit of the Geordies.

📊Will Allsopp (@allsoppwill) gives us the Arsenal and Newcastle stats

🎶Jonathan JB Burchill (@Jonathan77777) with the  facts and funk

🍺We give a big shout out to all our Ko Fi supporters who have bought us a beer

⚫️Plus we chat to Matt from Gallowgate Shots (@GallowgateShots) podcast about Newcastle

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