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The second article in our Bee positive series sees The Dutchman so inspired by his night out in Brentford Lock, he’s actually planning to stay to watch the whole of the firework display at Wembley this year

The day after time stood still. It’s the evening of the Big Red Ball. Beesotted crew with a full table of guests awaits but the reality of the timing then begins to hit home. 400 plus Bees under one roof for a party that’s now three weeks early.

Determined to make it a celebration of the regular season, merely a prelude to the play-off party to end all parties, suits are reclaimed from dry cleaners across London, ties knotted, and a general consensus reached to party with PMA until the early hours.

We arrive and soon it becomes clear that this is the perfect way for everyone to re-focus. Fans mingle and cathartic run-throughs of the previous day’s events are recalled. Those who didn’t leave the ground until 6pm. Those who were home by 5.30pm. Different versions of an identical story with the same killer climax. This time it isn’t the final chapter. The ending is yet to be written. This time it will be different. Deep down we know it.

Legends of the 91/92 old Division 1 promotion team gather in one corner. Terry Evans, Jaimie Bates, Graham Benstead, Dean Holdsworth, Marcus Gayle. Older wiser heads all clearly comfortable together. Current team in another part of the room. Similar vibe, team spirit and togetherness in full force. Kev walks in to applause and warm hand shakes all round. Then in comes Uwe side by side with Marcello. Perfect management. Clear message to all. We’re in this together.

Fans approach Trotta. He seems unsure and recoils. But handshakes and support from fans clearly move him. The whole squad is here. Marcello and Kevin together at the bar. Uwe hugs Big Tel. Matching hair styles. Old meets new. The party begins.

Will the players close rank? Unsure .. uncomfortable .. constantly look at expensive watches … counting the hours? Nothing of the sort. They chat to everyone who wants to chat. They stay the course. They visit the tables. They seem to enjoy it. Intelligent, honest and positive. Autographs are given. Photos are taken and received. All of them patiently listening whilst the alcohol gap between the non drinking players and the fans widens by the hour.

The positivity from them is remarkable. There is no doubt at all that in their mind we will win the play offs. Why wouldn’t we? We’re the best team in the division! And they know it. It’s clear that this set of players is not burdened with the years of hurt. They are aware of the past and respectful but not shackled by it. Do they need to be lifted ? By the time you read this that will have happened. They will have moved on. It’s all about next Saturday not last.

Peter Gilham hosts. The familiar and comforting voice. But this time audible – not held back by poor PA and stadium acoustics. His words unusually clear,

Awards are given out. Harlee hardly leaves the stage. Award after award, acknowledging his new terrace song (to the tune of ‘I want to be free’ by Queen) which finally gets mass approval. Lucky raffle win brings the Beesotted table champagne for all. The irony isn’t lost on us. Clayton Donaldson is up and down the stage too,working as hard as he does on the pitch. Award for Adam Forshaw – shy and retiring. Far more comfortable in kit than in suit. Joint award for Simon Moore his height and stature hiding tender years. And the highly contested hottie award went to Captain Douglas. Clearly delighted after seeing off the Sams and the Harrys. They were the bookies favourites but not the voters.

Deano inducted into the Brentford Hall of Fame gives a rousing speech and Uwe rallies all – it’s not over until it’s over.

Home by 2am, on a school night. Enormous respect to Uwe and the players for their contribution and attitude. No goodbyes. Just see you at Wembley and when the fireworks go up, this time we will sit and enjoy them.



Supporters player of the year: Clayton Donaldson

Bees travel club player of the year: Harlee Dean

Players player of the year: Harlee Dean and Simon Moore

Community player of the year: Clayton Donaldson

Beesplayer outstanding moment award: Clayton Donaldson

Outstanding contribution to the season: Uwe Rosler

GPG player of the season: Adam Forshaw

Hottie of the year: Jonathan Douglas

Brentford hall of fame: Dean Holdsworth