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Oh how the tables have turned. Suddenly Brentford are in a playoff place and rather than looking down at who we need to finish above to survive, this week we’re looking at our potential rivals in the race for the playoffs.

We’re in the vibrant George IV pub on Chiswick High Rd and we’re talking bout the Preston 5-0 victory. Plus we discuss Brentford Chairman Cliff Crown’s personal thoughts on the fact that he doesn’t think we should sell assets like Hogan if we’re competing.

Plus we take a look at what rival fans are talking about on the Huddersfield, Fulham, QPR, Sheffield Wednesday, Newcastle and Derby message boards and social networks

In the pub:

Billy Grant
Dave Lane
Savvy Bee
Liberal Nick
Matt The Allard

0m – Start
10m 19 sec – Brentford CEO Cliff Crown, ex Bee Marcus Gayle and fans in the pub after Preston victory
16m 53 sec – Beesotted crew discuss Preston victory, Brentford’s rise over the season and will our players start getting poached?
52m 26 sec – Beesotted crew have a look at Huddersfield, Fulham, QPR, Sheffield Wednesday, Newcastle and Derby (in that order) – discussing the vibe amongst all these teams’ fans on social media and online
1hr 25 mins 14 sec – Beesotted crew talk Wolves match
1hr 34 mins 12 sec – FINISH