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Check out all the Beesotted TV and radio bits and pieces from the Rotherham match … an interested and varied week this week .. not only discussion of the Brighton FA cup match .. and a look forward to the Rotherham game .. but also a discussion on Ched Evans .. thoughts on whether fans truly have freedom of speech within the football arena without fear of reciprocations … plus much much more …

Brentford v Rotherham Pre-Match Podcast

Ched Evans. Vincent Tan. Potential new striker signing from up North for the Bees. Norwich’s new Scottish manager .. plus much more

Brentford v Rotherham Post-Match Podcast

Rotherham could have been 3-0 up … but the Bees put them to the sword in the 2nd half … views of the fans from the pub after the game.

Beesotted Rotherham fan video