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Lots of bits and pieces from the weekend …

Firstly the pre match podcast .. Brighton  .. new strikers .. plus the great ticket debate .. are tickets too much money … plus a look forward to the Norwich game


Brentford chief backs cheaper match tickets

Is £35 too expensive to watch premiership football? Norwich don’t seem to think so. We talk to Mark Devlin – Brentford CEO, Michael Brunskill from the Football Supporters Federation .. plus more folk om they thoughts …


In the pub after the game

Brentford and Norwich fans give their verdict on the match over a few pints of ale … many Norwich fan saying Brentford were the best team to have come to Carrow Rd this season.

Ex Brentford player Tony Parks and Norwich goalkeeping coach talks to Beesotted

The Simon Stainrod poo in a shoe story .. drinking with Stan Bowles .. Uwe Rosler calling him about a goalkeeper recommendation .. and he put forward David Button .. Tony tells all to Beesotted …

Terrace Video

Thirty Five Quid