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Brentford unveil new manager Dean Smith for the clash against olde Div 1 rivals MK Dons.

With one loss in eight matches, Smith’s job is not so much to steady the ship … but to fill the tankers with petrol and get the ship really motoring again.

Meanwhile, MK Dons hover one point off the drop zone – after losing Grigg and Dele Ali at the end of last season, they’ve struggled to make their mark on The Championship
The Beesotted crew meet up in The Prince Bulcher pub in Twickenham to shoot the breeze and chat bout new manager Dean Smith … Director of Football Phil Gilles’ personal message to The Dutchman … The campaign to get Brentford fan ‘Wheely Bin 1’ into the ground despite his Braemar Rd banning order … we have an interesting chat to a MK Dons fan .. and we discuss Will Grigg and his brother Neil and his effect on MK Dons after leaving them at the end of the season ….

0 min – Intro
7 min 3 sec – Fans on coach home post-match Bolton
10 min 42 sec – Beesotted crew Bolton chat
28 min 21 sec – Dean Smith chat
53 min 47 sec – Sporting Director Phil Giles’ personal message to The Dutchman
57 min 10 sec – Campaign to get the Wheely Bin One into the Braemar Road turnstile whilst on a banning order
59 min 31 sec – Chat to MK Dons fan
1 hr 4 mins 15 sec – Studio crew chat MK Dons

In the pub:

Billy Grant
Dave Lane
Liberal Nick Carthew
Savvy Bee Kyriacou
Martin The Dutchman Holland