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A slightly longer than normal podcast this week as we roll the pre-new years podcast into the new years podcast .. where the crew discuss all sorts including the losses against Ipswich and Wolves … the best and worst away teams and awaydays for Brentford fans …. the transfer window and the signing of Lewis McLeod from Rangers …. the FA cup weekend and we chat to actor Ralph Brown about his Brighton team … and the Beesotted crew give their three best moments of 2014 …..

0 mins Intro and start

3m 12 secs Fans discuss Ipswich and Wolves match in the pub

9m 13 secs Beesotted crew discuss Ipswich and Wolves matches

23 m 20 secs Best/Worst teams Brentford have played & Best/Worst awaydays survey

31 m 52 secs The transfer window
the signing of Rangers star Lewis McLeod
what this may or may not mean for Alex Pritchard
Are the Bees looking to sell?
What other positions are we expecting to fill?

52 m 09 secs FA Cup intro

53.27 Actor Ralph Brown (Withal and I, Waynes World, The boat that rocked) talks Brighton and Hove Albion

1h 05m 48 sec Beesotted crew chat Brighton FA Cup match

1 h 11 min 20 secs Beesotted crew discuss best moments of 2014