The European Championships were only three days old but already it had seemed like we’d been there on for an eternity – so much has happened off the pitch. Thankfully there’s now some football too.

England faced Russia in the Marseilles Velodrome. This was England’s first return to the South of France since World Cup ’98 when England fans and locals battled it out on Marseille Vieux port before and after the match.

This time round, add into the concoction local Marseille Ultras unhappy with English fans taking over their patch, PSG, Nice and Toulouse hooligans, plus Russian balaclava-weraring militia-disguised as football hooligans and you are really only going to get one conclusion.

Three days of absolute carnage.

Click the link above to hear us discuss the two Beesotted videos very popular on YouTube at the moment –

Interview with Marseille Ultras on their thoughts on England returning to Marseille for the 1st time since ’98 –

(VIDEO) French Ultras’ attack on England fans –

Then of course there was the England v Russia game.

Did Roy Hodgson play it too safe? Did England throw it away? Will England still quality?

The Beesotted crew got together to discuss the three days of madness from some bar in the Noailles district of Marseilles.

In the bar:

Billy Grant
Dave Lane
Jimmy Mac
Dave P
Geordie John