I have to admit that, over the years, I had grown frustrated by the fact that the only thing that most non Bees fans knew about my club was that our ground “has got a pub on every corner hasn’t it” before then calling us Brentwood and thinking we hailed from Essex.

However, since the demise of the Royal Oak, which sits on the corner of New Road and Brook Road, having just three open match day boozers seemed plain wrong… although it did allow me the opportunity to correct the ‘POEC’ brigade by replying “no there’s only three actually, and no we’re in Middlesex”.

I guess that ‘pub quiz fact’ is ingrained in our psyche now, and for the past year or so something important had been missing –so it seems right to be back to the full compliment of four… for no other reason than making the buzz around the ground as good as possible.

And judging by Beesotted’s social media, thousands of Brentford fans agree – our Twitter and Facebook feeds show how important pubs are to Bees fans, as if we needed reminding!

Before the match with Southampton The Royal Oak had popped up again, literally, with what appeared to be an entrepreneurial venture by the name of ‘The Fourth Corner’, and although I was in a rush to get to the ground and get out of the rain, it appeared to have been busy judging by the plastic glasses that were being cleared up.

Whether the pub is open on non match days, I doubt, but we wish them well – it was good to see a significant part of the club’s traditions once again open and serving beer to football fans. 

Cheers to the Royal Oak… Yes we do have a pub on every corner!

Dave Lane