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Beesotted have headed out to Qatar for the World Cup and Billy Grant will be capturing the vibe of the World Cup chatting to fans and locals daily in the stands and the fan parks and in the restaurants and bars of Doha every day

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World Cup Final Episode – Argentina Win the Final but Did England Miss a Trick With France?


The World Cup is over. Argentina beat France. But we cast our minds back to just before and just after England’s match against France. Should it have been England in the final? We will never know

Billy Grant with one last shout from Qatar. Talking to folk before and after the match.

Plus Steve the Bee gives the French perspective from Bordeaux

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World Cup Day Eighteen – Music Man Maz Gives Us His Qatari Lowdown

The second rest day means serious downtime for all the World Cup fans. Billy Grant used the off-day caught up with his old buddy Maz who moved to Qatar to open a music studio out there

And an interesting catch-up it was too with Maz who has seen folk from all over the world pass through his studio including Duran Duran – working on the latest album – The Rolling Stones and artists recording the recent World Cup theme tunes.

He also gave us the low down on why he left London for Qatar and gave us a little more insight into Qatari culture

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World Cup Day Sixteen – Podcast from Three Continents. England’s Senegal Victory Revisited. Bring on the French.

England are through to the World Cup Quarter Final as they cruised past Senegal in the first knockout game in the World Cup.

Billy Grant is recording this podcast at the airport on the way back to Qatar, revelling in the fact that England have their eyes set on the big prize.

So we decided to go across three tournaments to

On this show, we hear from Andy and Kirsty at the stadium before the match and also talking on BBC Radio 4.

We also heard from actors Ralph Brown and Jenny Jules who made a decision to not attend their 8th World Cup – in Qatar – but instead to go o Senegal and take in the World Cup vibes over there

Spanish Dave, Marc and Reg give us the lowdown on the match from a Brazilian party in Qatar

Plus Billy Grant chats to Darren in a boozer in London – getting the post-match thoughts on England’s victory

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World Cup Day Thirteen – England v Senegal – Pre-match chat with Kirsty and Andy

It’s changing rooms as Billy swaps places with Kirsty and Andy – hopefully for one match only as he checks back in at home to sort out some unfinished business (grassroots football Barnet Panthers business). A ideal opportunity to see the family for a few days whilst Kirsty and Andy – attending his ninth World Cup – jetted off to Qatar for England’s knockout match against Senegal

Billy caught up with Andy and Kirsty who were on their way out the door en route to the pre-match celebrations before the big game.

They discussed their early thoughts on Qatar, how much they enjoyed the Argentina v Australia match and how they think England would fare against the African side

You can check suit Andy’s blog here https://greatescapers.wordpress.com/2022/12/03/its-just-like-supporting-brazil/

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World Cup Day 9. England Through to Knockouts. Wales Post-Match Podcast From The Stands and Metro

The final group game of the World Cup for England and Wales. England needed a draw or a light defeat to progress. Wales needed to win to stand any chance of seeing the knockout rounds

And after a drab first half, England lit up the stage with three great goals from Rashford and Foden to send Wales packing and to see them ease themselves into the next round with a matchup against Senegal

Billy Grant spoke to fans in the stadium straight after the final whistle and on the metro on the way home in Doha


World Cup Day 8 – Ghana & Cameroon Goalfest whilst Brazil Party On

Day Eight of the World Cup. Billy Grant and crew head for the Brazil party to catch up with a full day of football. Over the day, he caught up with Ecuador Fans. Cameroon fans. Brazilian fans. England fans. German fans and more for another interesting insight into fans thoughts of the Qatar World Cup

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World Cup Day Seven – USA v England Stalemate and Good Beach Vibrations

It’s a couple of days after England drew with the USA. After having time to reflect, was that a bad result really? Does Southgate deserve the flack he’s been getting?

Plus we speak to fans from Japan, Senegal, Gambia and Lebanon and we get the views of locals currently living out in Qatar



World cup day five – pre-England v USA match catch-up


Billy Grant catches up with England fans, Ecuador fans, USA fans, Holland fans about the last few days whilst looking forward to the match against Wales.


World Cup Day Two. Saudi Shock Argentina and Mexicans Takeover Everywhere

In this episode we spoke to Mexican fans about the Latin American rivalry and why all of Latin America football teams seem to hate Argentina

We spoke to Welsh fans about their first World Cup in over 60 years

We spoke to Saudi fans after their remarkable win over Argentina

We also spoke to other fans in the bars of Doha during day two of the World Cup

World Cup Day One – England 6 Iran 2

Day one – Billy and Supes arrive in Doha via Tel Aviv for the England v Iran match.

England score six goals to really stamp their authority on group B

Matchday and post match fan reactions LIVE from Doha



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