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Russell Slade hasn’t done himself any favours this season. His constant whinging and sniping and refusal to take defeat graciously had left him the target on many fans.

His comment when Brentford beat Orient at Brisbane Road – a result which pretty much put the nail in Orient’s automatic promotion coffin and put the Bees in prime position for promotion – “They celebrated like they won the FA Cup” will go down in the annals of history.

Brentford fans even created a song for that very moment:

“We’re super Bees
And we’re going up
We’ll celebrate like we won the cup”

And Brentford fans have a commemorative “Russell Slade Trophy” that they carry to games with them now.

However, this video created by @RusstyBee is absolute quality. Pure genius.

It even manages to poke fun at Rotherham, Peterborough and Preston too. It had us laughing so much we had tears in our eyes. So much so we thought it was worth a beesotted article post all on it’s own ….

So enjoy …. As Russell Slade … Takes Brentford’s promotion terribly ….