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*** UPDATE – The ‘singing section’ sold out within 24 hours. Sales are up to nearly 4000 in 48 hrs just to season ticket holders with still the sale to members to come. There is a slight worry that with obviously not enough ‘singing section’ tickets allocated, we will still get the same problem of ‘boisterous fans’ and fans who prefer to be away from the more ‘boisterous fans’ annoying each other. Hopefully something can be done to rectify this ********* 

Without going fully into the reasonings for Beesotted requesting a ‘singing section’ for the Fulham game (Block P6) … other than to explain that it was done to

(a) Ensure we have the best atmosphere for this very important match and
(b) To ensure that all Bees fans are happy on the night – ensuing we don’t get any of these in-fan arguments and even altercations that have broken out between more boisterous fans (boisterous not necessarily meaning trouble makers .. just fans who show their support in quite a boisterous way) and fans who prefer to not be in and amongst the boisterous fans (please don’t get picky about my use of words here … most people who go to away games regularly understand)

the club has very kindly allocated us a “singing section”.

Hopefully these 1,100 seats (not huge so get in there pronto) will keep the boisterous massive happy. Whilst also keeping the crew who prefer to sit away from the boisterous massive happy as well. Or so we hope.

That was everyone can enjoy their night and support the team in whichever way they see fit.

Ticket sales are healthy. Over 1600 ticket were sold in the first day – and these were restricted to higher point season-ticket holders with a maximum of 2 tickets per person. Tickets will go on sale to members on Thursday. And general sale next Monday (if there are any left of the 4,000 .. plus the additional 1000 … ticket allocation).

The instructions on how to order tickets for the “singing section” are not very clear so we thought we would explain it here in layman terms:


  • Log onto your Bees account
  • Select away games
  • Select “Fulham Game”
  • Beside the price will be a little ‘comment’ bubble. Click it and enter the details P6 (which is the singing block)
  • Press apply
  • Close the comments block.
  • Buy your ticket

ticket bubble


Phone or walk-up


  • Phone or walk up to ticket office
  • Ask for a ticket for P6 singing section

Simple as you like

Hopefully this makes things clearer.

The whole idea is … if this scheme is successful … the club will take a more pro-active approach to keeping the more boisterous fans and the fans who prefer to not be near the boisterous fans in separate sections for future away games. To name but a few matches, Watford was a nightmare this season with police and stewards running around trying to apprehend pockets of Bees who were trying to whip up an atmosphere .. whereas at Crewe last season saw fans come to blows because one set of fans believe the other set of fans were violating their space.

Also, the popularity of a so called ‘singing section’ (note the quote marks) should indicate to the club that it’s in their best interests to try and create a scheme that keeps the folk happy who bought the ‘singing’ tickets .. but also, keeps the other fans happy at the same time if they don’t want to be subject to overly boisterous behaviour.

Folk have come up with the simplistic argument, ‘but everyone will sing at Fulham’ .. unfortunately, this is not all just about singing.  If you regularly go to away matches, you will know exactly what we’re talking about here. Think about it.

FYI, there are also boats running to Fulham. For more info contact Jim Walsh via BIAS ([email protected])