Ollie To The Rescue For One Sided Bees – Brentford 1 Derby County 1

Ollie To The Rescue For One Sided Bees – Brentford 1 Derby County 1
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Brentford fans witnessed one of the most one-sided games they’ll ever see at Griffin Park last night – but this wasn’t an FA Cup First Round mis-match against non-League minnows, the Bees’ overwhelming 76% of the play occurred against an unadventurous and boring Derby side who some fancy as being promotion candidates.

However, scoring just one goal from all that possession, especially as Dean Smith’s side only managed two shots on target all evening, is a big frustration, and adds fuel to the fire of those who would seemingly like to watch ‘worse’ but ‘more effective’ football, but after taking the lead, Derby’s band of giants effectively shut up shop. Unlike Brentford, The Rams have a hugely experienced side that were prepared to sit back and soak it all up, rather than take Brentford on in a game of football.

That’s not to say Brentford were unlucky again, or it was simply spoiling tactics that stopped Brentford from getting more out of the game. Something still isn’t clicking at the top end, with Neil Maupay looking isolated and not getting the service he needs – none of the midfielders were able to thread through the ball he was asking to run on to, and he struggled to hold the ball up when longer balls were played in. But with Vibe still unavailable, and Shaibu (so far) seen as more of an impact sub by the head coach, we are lacking options.

As you will hear in the Pride of West London Beesotted post-match podcast there are contrasting views on the Derby match, from fans of both teams, but I’m sure you’ll agree it makes excellent listening. Click the link above,

To Brentford’s credit, after going behind to Joe Ledley’s header on 15 minutes, we played Derby off the park. True, they came up against a big luminous yellow wall, but I am personally proud to see my team playing this brand of flowing football… Although we’re clearly not where we had hoped we would be this season so far, and unlikely to challenge at the promotion end of the table this campaign until we stop leaking goals and have a striker on top of his game, this ‘work in progress Brentford’ are arguably the most entertaining team in the Championship.

The patient approach play eventually produced an equalizer thanks to a lovely run and cross from Florian Jozefzoon, who teased his defender before crossing for Ollie Watkins to bundle home from inside the six-yard box – and the lid was lifted off of Griffin Park. It was the least we deserved.

No, I’m content with seeing my team trot out draws and defeats week in week out, but we’ve all seen how delicious Brentford are when it all clicks. The last four season’s experience in this division, with the three top ten finishes and impressive victories up and down the land should not be forgotten – they simply cannot be forgotten. And based on that experience, and knowing its a nine month season, there is nothing I see that says anything other than ‘quality Championship football’ and that will, thankfully, not change for the foreseeable future.

Dave Lane





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  1. Rob

    Match last night was a pretty tepid affair with only one team trying to play football. Not sure if we credit Derby for ‘doing a job on us ;)’ or feel very disappointed that a team of their stature felt that they had to play negative football in order to grind out a result. It was like Birmingham at home last season….but worse! along with the refereeing….
    I feel a bit sorry for Maupay. Hes running his socks off and making Scott Hoganesque runs that aren’t being picked out and when he did receive the ball it was straight to him with his back to goal. Personally i would swap his position with Olay Ollie as he looks our main goalscoring threat…which is why its frustrating he’s not in the box on the end of a corner rather than taking them (decent delivery though). That was one of my main concerns when Jota left as he was our dead ball man amongst others.
    And Bees…take a few more shots when in decent positions. I thought Romaine, Ollie and Dalsgaard all would have had more success shooting at times rather than passing when the pass wasn’t on.
    I agree with you though…ultimately I’m proud to be a Bee and appreciate our footballing identity and everyone needs to get behind them. I booed last night, but it was for the linesman, the ref and the non footballing opposition, not for any player in black red and white.

  2. BORU

    Carney, on the el wimpo site, has the gall to urge supporters to, “worship”, the gambler.
    Disgusting. Furthermore, shut it gambler, paying customers are fed up with the lousy results, they don’t have the luxury of your ill gotten gains, to split hairs about future (very tenuous) progress.
    A team of short people, passing industriously, yet pointlessly, held in check, by a tactical team of tall people. For a reason; an away point, is a big plus over two home points lost, yet again. That is the big issue; another two points lost, at home.
    Derby’s mission was, almost , bar a last minuter, totally accomplished.
    Smiff, is due for a posting to the “outer limits”.

    • hobo

      ” Why” are You such an angry negative man Brian?

      • BORU

        Why are you such a dog with a bone, harrasser and a born idiot?

        • hobo

          Must be something about” YOU” Brian ?


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