Moaning All Together – Leeds 1 Brentford 1

Moaning All Together – Leeds 1 Brentford 1
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Well I never, I don’t think I’ve ever come across such a bunch of moaning football fans as those of Leeds United on Saturday. Firstly off, they were singing scathing songs complaining about Sky TV before the game, then they were on the back of the referee from the second they realised he didn’t give a monkey’s about their ‘home advantage’ and judged fouls as he saw them – not how the crowd wanted them – then screams every time a Brentford player put in a tackle – this from a club who kicked and hacked their way through the Seventies when they were apparently ‘European Champions’ – then of course it was ‘never a penalty in a million years’ – despite Watkins having to jump in anticipation of having his legs amputated by the goalie – then it was time to lob a barrow full of coins, lighters (did I spot a washing machine) on the pitch, then the “Football League Is Corrupt” apparently – just towards Leeds I guess – then it was the ref’s fault again. 

There really is a siege mentality in Leeds, one where everything, and everyone, seems against them… very little in the way of ‘hat tipping’ to a quality opposition we noted. And if you dare mention how out of order the ticket prices are at ER, then expect a barrage of abuse, not at the club for charging almost twice as much as most other clubs, no, forget any solidarity on that front… I find that a bit weird to be honest.

And one look on social media will tell you all you need to know about the post match vibe… one fan even started a UK Change Parlimentary Petition to “Investigate Jeremy Simpson”, the match referee… I know we had a whinge about Reading’s ‘anti-football’ tactics a week or so ago, but this is on a different planet. 

Sadly, what’s almost been lost in the post-match moan-along is just how good a game both sets of fans witnessed, played by two of the most entertaining sides outside of the top flight. Indeed, one fan who spoke on the Beesotted Pride of West London Podcast, went as far as to say the game was the Championship’s version of Sunday’s Liverpool v Manchester City clash. However, the Elland Road match was far more entertaining, and would certainly have graced the top flight… Maybe it will next season?

I do hope Leeds continue to do well this season though, Marcelo Bielsa is a real character, and is certainly having a positive impact on the game at this level – he also looks to have stopped the rot at Elland Road – which is long overdue.

Looking forwards, we play Leeds at Griffin Park in our penultimate home game of the season, and I genuinely hope both clubs are right up there scrapping it out for automatic promotion still. If our teams carry on as they are, you never know, there may be a lot less to moan about next May!

Dave Lane



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  1. john


    If you are going to report on a match, take a look at a few replays before you put pen to paper. Your comment ” …despite Watkins having to jump in anticipation of having his legs amputated by the goalie” is just wrong. Ollie doesn’t jump, he lets his legs drag into the goalie.


  2. GRaham Smith

    Interesting assessment. As a Leeds fan I thought it was a good game, but the Referee was inconsistent; either both right backs are sent off or neither is sent off. Regarding the penalty it is very harsh to blame the Referee, from his angle it looked like a penalty. However, Watkins started to fall before he collided with the keeper and the replays clearly show him diving onto the keeper rather than the keeper taking his legs. Diving for a penalty is a scourge of football and it needs to stopped. As with all other diving offences Watkins should be retrospectively charged and the FA Disciplinary Panel can review the evidence before making a decision. I do note that there is no mention of the leading with the head by Canos incident in this article – so not totally balanced.

    Regarding the away ticket prices – I am ashamed at what we charge and can only apologise.


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