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We look back at Saturday’s blustery 2-2 draw with Blackburn and ask ‘does the loss of points wave goodbye to a reaslistic chance at automatic promotion with West Brom and Leeds both winning’, or are we being dragged into a premature ‘run-in-panic-room’? There’s a third of the season to go, surely nothing can be ruled in or ruled out?

We hear back from Bees and Rovers fans back in the boozer, as well as Brentford head coach Thomas Frank, and look ahead to Tuesday’s skip up the M1 to Kenilworth Road for the next ‘must-winner’ against bottom of the table Luton Town, and a little further ahead to the weekend trip to Wales when Cardiff City play hosts. Contrasting away games for sure.

With Fulham tickets about to go on sale at a whopping £35 a pop for non concessions, we ask is this fixture too big to miss, even with it being on the telly? TAP points are proving to be useful at the moment with the club prioritising using this loyalty scheme… it going to be a MASSIVE Friday night out in Putney!

On social media Emiliano Marcondes seems to being singled out for abuse all over again, is this harsh or is he too lightweight? Why is he being trolled over other players particularly. And Where The hell is Pontus??

Brentford Reimagined is new book that uses some amazing technology to bring the black and white past back to life. Dave talks about how the book has come about, and the process, who is involved and what has been included? This is Brentford’s own version of the amazing WW1 ‘They Shall Not Be Forgotten’.

Last but not least, Hatters Matters, with Luton fan Thomas Wheatly, whose side need to over-turn a 7-0 first leg aggregate under the Kenilworth lights… no chance, surely?

Dave Lane @beesotted100