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The Griffin Park Invincibles

The Griffin Park Invincibles
Brentford’s impressive home record to date this year, despite several ‘wish-we-could-have-avoided’ draws against ‘teams-like’ opposition, is something we all hope continues for the rest of the season, however, the 2017/18 run hasn’t got a patch on events from 88 years ago.
Regular pub quiz attendees will no doubt have been asked ‘which football league ground has a pub on every corner’ many-a-time, however, Griffin Park is home to another much-mentioned fact… namely our proud old ground witnessing a 100% victorious season in 1929/30. But however many times I’ve heard the stat repeated, the actual achievement itself has never been replicated, not by any club in the League, including the all-time greats. This is how the Griffin Park Invincibles were reported at the time. 
“By defeating Queen’s Park Rangers by three clear goals at Griffin Park in their last home match on Saturday, Brentford have set up a record that will be remembered for all time in the history of the club. In twenty-one home games the “Bees” have garnered every point, the most remarkable feat of any club this season.”
“A permanent reminder of the fine record achieved by Brentford last season in creating a record for the Football League by winning every home game adorns the boardroom at Griffin Park in the shape of a handsome silver shield bearing the following inscription: ‘Presented to the club by the chairman, LP Simon, Esq., to mark the occasion of winning every home match during the season 1929-30. Team: Fox; Stevenson, Adamson, Davies, Bain, Salt, Foster, Lane (J), Lane (W), Blackmore, Payne..” There is a wonderful photo of Bill and Jack Lane at the top of the page.
I think you’ll agree, that run is something to be truly amazed by still – football may have changed beyond all recongition in the years since – but to the class of 1929/30, we sallute you. Come On You Bees!
 If you have not got a copy of The Big Book of Griffin Park yet, please pay a visit to the Brentford Club shop after the game, or purchase it online via The 400-page book is crammed full of amazing photographs and stories from each year of the club’s life at Griffin Park and has received some amazing review from fans who were gifted copies this Christmas.
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